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Archaeopteryx yet again

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Author: Graeme
Date: 2018-05-16 17:05:00
Blog: Geology in the West Country


Archaeopteryx Studies (Continued) The question on everyone's lips - "was Archaeopteryx capable of flying" - has been answered positively; at least to the satisfaction of the authors of THIS PAPER. More accessible versions can be found HERE and HERE. Because Archaeopteryx fossils are so precious, non-destructive methods have to be used and the latest is the European synchroton in Grenoble. There, researchers found Archaeopteryx bones most resembled those of pheasants - birds that occasionally use active flight to cross barriers or dodge predators. There is a lot more about it in the papers, especially the Nature one. I will leave you to read them all at your leisure. Artist's representation of Archaeopteryx in flight based on this study. Image credit: Jana Růžičková.

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