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Back Numbers of Magazines Available

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Author: Graeme
Date: 2020-11-21 13:41:00
Blog: Geology in the West Country


 Back Numbers of Magazines Available A mature WEGA member has some old magazines available for anyone who wishes them. She writes:-  ---------------------------------- Available are #s 45, 47-60, 62-654,66-81,83,85-97 and 99-110 of“ Down to Earth” and  #s 23-35 (missing#33) of “Earth Heritage” I am not agreeable to handing out single copies. Recipient must take all available of either series and do any picking and choosing on their own territory. First come, first served.  If these magazines are unwanted they will go for recycling with the Council collection in a few weeks time. Soon or never! ---------------------------- If you are interested contact me at and I will give you the contact details. 

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