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SVP: Several Abstracts are Incomplete

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Date: 1970-01-01 01:00:00
Blog: SVP & Paleo News


DEADLINE IS IN 5 DAYS • SEVERAL ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS ARE INCOMPLETE • APPLY FOR A JACKSON SCHOOL TRAVEL GRANT HAS YOUR ABSTRACT BEEN SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED? Several abstracts submitted for the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 68th Annual Meeting are still incomplete. Incomplete abstracts will NOT be reviewed. How to know that your abstract has been successfully submitted: -- The submitting author must agree to the terms on the "Sign-Off and Agreement" page (part of the online submission process). -- Once the submitting author has agreed to the terms, the primary presenter/author will receive a confirmation e-mail that they are the primary presenter/author of a SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED abstract; and be given a final Abstract No. NOTE: This is the second e-mail that the primary presenter/author should have received. The first e-mail was sent to the primary presenter/author when the abstract submission was first started. This first e-mail included the initial, unique Abstract ID, which is NOT the same as the final Abstract No. assigned, in the second e-mail, when the abstract has been completed and the terms on the "Sign-Off and Agreement" page have been agreed to. NOTE: The submitting author may go back and edit their successfully submitted abstract as often as they wish while the submission site is open. The deadline for submitting abstracts is in five days - Wednesday, May 21 at NOON Central Time Zone (USA). View the complete Presentation/Abstract Guidelines. Visit the Abstract Submission Site. QUESTIONS? Contact the SVP Business Office at: E-mail: Phone: (847) 480-9095  APPLY FOR A JACKSON SCHOOL TRAVEL GRANT Students: don't forget to submit and complete your application for a Jackson School of Geosciences Student Travel Grant. The deadline is in five days - Wednesday, May 21 at NOON Central Time Zone (USA). Read more about the grant. Submit an application.

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