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Saturday, 13 January 2018

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Tarbosaurus Bataar Skin Impressions-My Thoughts 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [23:29:19]  recommend  recommend this post  (26 visits) info
Hello everyone, it’s me again. I’m not going to waste time by saying what the topic is, you already read the title. So, we’re all aware of the infamous Bugiin Tsav Tarbosaurus bataar skin impressions. Is this evidence that tyrannosauridae were fully covered in scales? No. It does not. Call me ‘feather freak’ if you want,

Tyrannosaurus Rex-Feathers And Sensory Pits 

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          Okay, so, Carnoferox suggested that I make my blogs higher quality, so, here you go. Tyrannosaurus was a coelurosaurian tyrannosauridae that lived in the late Cretaceous period, around sixty eight to sixty six million years ago.Recently, the theropod has had at least two controvesrial topics, feathers, and sensory pits/lips, I am here to give my

What Do Cold Snaps Have to Do With Climate Change? 

State of the Planet [17:47:33]  recommend  recommend this post  (58 visits) info
Climate scientist Deepti Singh tells the cold truth about the extreme winter weather of the past few

Year Zero, by Rob Reid 

Mountain Beltway [16:48:31]  recommend  recommend this post  (57 visits) info
I was so impressed with After On that I went out an got the only other novel by Rob Reid, Year Zero. The plot set up is something rather ludicrous, but the novel works in spite of the silly premise. Here’s [...]

Next week 15th to 21st January 2018 

Geology in the West Country [14:03:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (41 visits) info
NEXT WEEKS EVENTS 15th to 21st January 2018 The following is an extract from Bristol and West Country Geology Calendars More details can be found in the Bristol and the West Country Calendars and on [...]

A Look Back at Ten Years of Geotripping: Where are the Most Incredible Places You've Ever Stood? 

Geotripper [07:48:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (27 visits) info
I've been dredging through the archives of ten years of Geotripping, sharing some of my favorite posts over the years. I've reached 2014, and I found this series on the most awesome places I've ever stood. [...]

Kadovar mit weiterer Eruption 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [17:29:47]  recommend  recommend this post  (48 visits) info
Der Vulkan vor der Küste von Papua Neuguinea (PNG) ist weiterhin aktiv. Das VAAC Darwin registrierte heute eine Aschewolke die 2,3 km hoch aufstieg. Hier bahnt sich eine der interessantesten Eruptionen der [...]

Spinopharoah’s Blog:Episode 2|Spinosaurus-Excl Usive Fish Eater, Or Opportunistic Predator? 

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Welcome back to Spinopharoah’s Blog! With all news dinosaurian! Episode II:Spinosaurus-Exclusive fish eater, or opportunistic Predator? Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was a Spinosaurid that lived from one [...]

Bloc de camp: 10 anys, els que vinguin i gràcies a tots. 

Bloc de camp [09:00:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (39 visits) info
Avui fa exactament 10 anys que publicava la primera entrada d'aquest bloc. Bloc de camp va nàixer d'un impuls molt visceral per d'alguna manera apaivagar la frustració que em suposava ser i sentir-me [...]

It’s a New World; You Can Attend A Great Science Conference from Home 

Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [04:02:52]  recommend  recommend this post  (41 visits) info
I’m just back from the AMS Annual Meeting, and like the much larger AGU meeting, it’s impossible to make every talk. That’s ok because it’s 2018 and (thanks to scientific discoveries) you just go [...] | Impressum