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Sunday, 11 March 2018

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How Were Tyrannosaurid Babies Treated? 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [21:51:30]  recommend  recommend this post  info
Credit for this post goes to Corvidius. I know I’ve publicly stated elsewhere that I believe T. rex was altricial, but there is still the issue of feeding the young if they were altricial that makes me think. Just how does the enormous “Sue” feed a tiny hatchling, how does she, or any fully grown T. rex

Geology Of Wolverhampton 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [21:49:02]  recommend  recommend this post  info
Credit for this post goes to Bobiasaurus. So, what fossils CAN be found in Wolverhampton? Not a lot, really! Silurian Era Fossils from the Silurian Era can be found at a site called Wren’s Nest in Dudley, Wolverhampton. Many fossils, such as brachiopods, gastropods and trilobites can be found there. It used to be a shallow sea rich in

Hunting Strategies Of Abelisauridae 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [21:12:27]  recommend  recommend this post  info
    In the case of Pycnonemosaurus nevesi, it had two genera of titanosaur to choose from: the 13 meter long Adamantisaurus mezzalirai and the 7 meter long Gondwanatitan faustoi. P. nevesi was [...]

East is a Circle 

Friends of the Pleistocene [20:11:30]  recommend  recommend this post  (73 visits) info
What does it take for two artists|humans to continuously sense and attune to the spin of their Planet? What creative, spiritual, philosophical and material consequences might result from living this awareness? [...]

Canadabis - getting 100% germination 

Ontario-geofish [15:39:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (10 visits) info
This is a topic near and dear to the Fords.  We, in Etobicoke, knew them as children.  Doug now is off the demon drink, and may he live a long and happy life.  I suggest that he grow 'Hash Plant' feminized [...]

Ontario Gets a Trumpy Populist 

Ontario-geofish [13:02:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (9 visits) info
Yeah, just what we need.  Dougie is now the Oncon leader.  Now, they are truly the party of the white male backlash.  As we recall, the party engineered this with their anti-other voting rules which [...]

How Low Can You Go? Badwater Basin, and a Real Hell on Earth 

Geotripper [08:06:00]  recommend  recommend this post  info
Salt flats at Badwater, -282 feet. The snowcapped mountain in the distance is Telescope Peak, 11,049 feet. How bad could it be? On our recent trip to Death Valley, we made the rather mandatory [...]

Predatory Life Of Spinosaurids 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [21:07:59]  recommend  recommend this post  info
  Spinosaurids probably were bear analogues, minus the foraging for berries and whatnot. I doubt they’d have hunted for plesiosaurs and other large aquatic creatures, as Spinosaurus would’ve been totally [...]

Was Archaeopteryx More Closely Related To Aves Or Reptilia? 

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [20:04:12]  recommend  recommend this post  info
 The fossil impression of the avialan Archaeopteryx. Credit for this post goes to Corvidius. Relations with Aves or Reptiles There is no answer to this question with current knowledge, and there may never [...]

The Manifesto of Doug Ford 

Ontario-geofish [15:10:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (9 visits) info
I am making this all up.  Nobody reads me and nobody listens.  But, I am happy, just like him.  This is what he would say in my happy universe. Doug Ford: We had to jump through hoops to get it, but [...]

Starke Explosionen am Kirishima 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [11:23:08]  recommend  recommend this post  (62 visits) info
Gestern manifestierten sich am japanischen Kirishima/Shinmoedake 2 besonders starke Explosionen. Diese förderten glühende Tephra bis zu 1800 m hoch. Die vulkanischen Bomben deckte den ganzen Krater-Kegel mit [...] | Impressum