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Sunday, 14 April 2019

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Arctic ice volume every day 

Ontario-geofish [22:23:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (121 visits) info
This is like watching the horse races.  Will your horse take the lead? I've been waiting every month for the Arctic ice volume, and this is EVERY DAY!  Right now the volume is ticking a bit higher.  Will it hit the old band? I'm tired of all those 'Arctic Melting' articles from 3 years ago.  Get with the times, bro!  Here and now.  We are freezing, the Arctic is at -30 and the ice volume

Nenana Ice Classic 2019 

Real Climate [17:44:26]  recommend  recommend this post  (2 visits) info
Wow. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the exceptional (relative) warmth in Alaska last month and in February, the record for the Nenana Ice Classic was shattered this year. The previous official record was associated with the exceptional conditions in El Niño-affected winter of 1939-1940, when the ice went out on April 20th 1940. Though since 1940 was

Hawaii: Erdbeben M 5,3 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [10:25:34]  recommend  recommend this post  (69 visits) info
Auf Big Island Hawaii (USA) manifestierte sich ein Erdbeben der Magnitude 5,3. Das Hypozentrum lag in 13 km Tiefe. Das Epizentrum lag nicht direkt am Vulkan Kilauea, sondern in 20 km Entfernung zum Flughafen [...]

Human Evolution: Stories From SE Asia 

Reporting on a Revolution [06:28:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (68 visits) info
Some recent finds from SE Asia are adding detail to the complex story of human migration and population interaction, and putting a much needed spotlight on the varied geographies and ecology in which human [...]

Sulawesi di Kepung Patahan, Inilah Sebab Gempa Luwuk 

Dogeng Geology [08:00:29]  recommend  recommend this post  (4 visits) info
Jumat sore (12/4) tepatnya pukul 18:40 WIB, gempabumi menghebohkan warga Luwuk dan sekitarnya dengan guncangan yang cukup dahsyat, berkekuatan 6.9 Mw dan dengan kedalaman  yang cukup dangkal, 17 km.  Hampir [...] | Impressum