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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

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Hilarious Stuff Kids Say At Our Museum 

BEYONDbones [23:51:20]  recommend  recommend this post  (131 visits) info
By Jayme Schlimper, Overnight Program Manager and Curator of Education Collections If you’re looking for a laugh today, you’re in the right spot. Everyone knows that kids say the darndest things and now that Summer Camps@HMNS is in full swing there have been quite a few interesting conversations I’ve overheard in the hallways. Here are

New publication on an Alaskan glacier – coauthored by a Wooster student, staff and faculty member 

Wooster Geologists [21:05:42]  recommend  recommend this post  (35 visits) info
Dr. Ben Gaglioti (Lamont-Doherty Tree Ring Lab and University of Alaska – Fairbanks) just published an article entitled: Timing and Potential Causes of 19th-Century Glacier Advances in Coastal Alaska Based on Tree-Ring Dating and Historical Accounts. Three of the coauthors include Wooster Earth Scientists and Tree Ring Lab workers, Josh Charlton (’19), Nick Wiesenberg (Department technician)

Teaching Assistant Opportunity in Sustainable Development Program 

State of the Planet [16:33:48]  recommend  recommend this post  (42 visits) info
The undergraduate-level Sustainable Development Workshop course is looking for a TA for Fall 2019. The deadline to apply is July

Why Cry for the Cryosphere? 

State of the Planet [14:00:46]  recommend  recommend this post  (39 visits) info
A new book paints a daunting and detailed picture of earth's natural ice under threat, and explains why what happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Stone Cold 

Ontario-geofish [12:32:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (80 visits) info
Once again you'll have to rely on my faulty memory, or look up the past temperatures.  There are no really warm spots of 30 C or more.  I haven't seen the oceans so cold. This isn't something that can [...]

The science begins 

polar soils blog [11:00:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (7 visits) info
Yesterday was a good Arctic summer day. It snowed! It's a big difference from our home in Phoenix, AZ where it was over 100 degrees Farenheit. We woke up in the morning to a dusting of snow on the ground, [...]

Three new landslide videos 

The Landslide Blog [08:10:34]  recommend  recommend this post  (33 visits) info
Three new landslide videos have been posted to Youtube, showing dramatic failures from Pakistan, India and China in recent days The post Three new landslide videos appeared first on The Landslide Blog.

June is going back to being cold 

Ontario-geofish [00:05:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (169 visits) info
We had that little pulse from the Gulf of Mexico and it's gone.  Now we are back to Winterjune.  Man the bugs are horrible at the cottage and the dragonflies are thin.  It's gone back to truly horrible 70's [...]

Dinosaurchestra - Theme from Jurassic Park 

Koprolitos [14:35:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (6 visits) info
Dinosaurchestra es una banda de jazz de New Orleans (Estados Unidos) compuesta por Reid Poole (trompeta), Miles Lyons (trombón), Oliver Bonie (saxofón), Nathan Lambertson (bajo), Brett Gardner (guitarra), [...]

Lake Erie Earthquake - felt in Ontario 

Ontario-geofish [13:01:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (81 visits) info
This was a neat earthquake, shallow thrust with all the energy going to Ontario.  This is an area with a lot of earthquakes. There have been M5's.  The earthquakes are caused by a seep of Lake Erie [...]

Wooster Geologist in the High Tatras Mountains of northern Slovakia 

Wooster Geologists [12:11:01]  recommend  recommend this post  (47 visits) info
Bratislava, Slovakia — Today our continuing IBA field trip adventure started in the High Tatra Mountains at this spectacular glacial lake called Štrbské pleso. This is  very popular ski destination in [...]

Piton Fournaise ist ausgebrochen 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [10:11:11]  recommend  recommend this post  (31 visits) info
Der Vulkan Piton de la Fournaise ist heute Nacht erneut ausgebrochen. Wie das OVPF berichtet, öffneten sich mindesten vier Eruptionsspalten. Sie liegen im Süd-Süd-Osten, auf dem Außenhang des [...]


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