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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

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ARCHEA [19:30:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (1 visit) info
An exquisite specimen of the delicately ridged ammonite, Porpoceras verticosum, from Middle Toarcian outcrops adjacent the Rhône in southeastern France. Porpoceras (Buchman, 1911) is genus of ammonite that lived during the early and middle Toarcian stage of the early Jurassic. We see members of this genus from the uppermost part of Serpentinum Zone to Variabilis Subzone. These beauties

New Podcast Explores Recent Flurry of Carbon Tax Proposals in Congress 

State of the Planet [17:36:33]  recommend  recommend this post  (11 visits) info
In this edition of Columbia Energy Exchange, host Bill Loveless talks with Noah Kaufman, an economist specializing in carbon pricing, about this burst of activity on Capitol Hill and its implications for

How to Save a Rainforest: It’s All About Conflict Resolution 

State of the Planet [16:00:23]  recommend  recommend this post  (11 visits) info
A new Earth Institute study offers practical lessons in the implementation of conflict sensitive conservation, a first outside of

Un Pelotazo de Cheetos extingue las galletas Dinosaurus 

Koprolitos [10:07:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (49 visits) info
Recuperamos esta información de alcance publicada el pasado febrero por el noticiario El Mundo Today: Un Pelotazo de Cheetos extingue las galletas Dinosaurus EL IMPACTO HA PROVOCADO UN AUMENTO SUPERIOR AL [...]

Increase in earthquake activity in Hamarinn volcano (Bárðarbunga volcano) 

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [01:30:07]  recommend  recommend this post  (30 visits) info
Over the last few days there has been increase in earthquake activity in Hamarinn volcano (Bárðarbunga volcano). In Global Volcanism Program record this area is known as Loki-Fögrufjöll. Largest [...]

The UK can no longer grow warm-weather crops - global warming to blame 

Ontario-geofish [00:26:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info
Reference Sorry UK, but it's back to peas and turnips.  That's what you get when Winter strikes in August.  And next year it will worse.  Strike cauliflower off the menu for good.  Europe always gets [...]

Piton de la Fournaise: Lavastrom nähert sich Küstenstraße 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [10:09:39]  recommend  recommend this post  (57 visits) info
Die Eruption am Piton de la Fournaise geht in den dritten Tag und die Lavaströme fließen weiter. Vulkanologen des OVPF konnten Observierungsflüge per Heli unternehmen und sich ein klares Bild der Situation [...]

The 35 Year Wait is Over! The Ribbon-cutting for the Great Valley Museum Outdoor Nature Lab is Wednesday! 

Geotripper [08:02:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (25 visits) info
Ever since the origin of the Great Valley Museum decades ago, there has been a desire on the part of the faculty of Modesto Junior College and Great Valley Museum staff to have an outdoor education area that [...]

Ocean current report - Aug 11, 2019 

Ontario-geofish [00:51:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (19 visits) info
The main reason for this series is to note the changes in ocean currents over the years.  99% of heat flow in the Earth is carried by ocean currents. This is showing the Atlantic belt.  In a very short [...] | Impressum