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Friday, 31 July 2020

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A window into Late Triassic biodiversity. 

Letters from Gondwana [17:53:58]  recommend  recommend this post  (46 visits) info
The Ischigualasto Formation, formed along the western margin of Argentina during the breakup of Gondwana, represents one of the most continuous continental Triassic succesions in South America, and it is known worldwide for its tetrapod assemblage, which include the oldest known record of dinosaurs. The most accepted hypothesis gives the name “Ischigualasto” a Quechua origin,

L'evoluzione iconografica di T. rex 

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Calymene blumenbachii, Theresa Paul Spink DunnA lovely example of the trilobite Calymene blumenbachii from outcrops in the UK. This wee rolled beauty is in the collections of Theresa Paul Spink Dunn. This [...]

Cottage Report - July 29, 2020 

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Perfect weather, and no bugs.  I'm sitting before an empty lake.  Apparently you can rent your cottage out for a huge amount, but nobody is doing.  Who wants your cottage filled with covid?ps.  from the [...]


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This well-preserved partial ichthyosaur was found in the Blue Lias shales by Lewis Winchester-Ellis in 2018. The vertebrae you see are from the tail section of this marine reptile.The find includes stomach [...] | Impressum