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Thursday, 17 September 2020

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New studies confirm weakening of the Gulf Stream circulation (AMOC) 

Real Climate [17:55:02]  recommend  recommend this post  (11 visits) info
Many of the earlier predictions of climate research have now become reality. The world is getting warmer, sea levels are rising faster and faster, and more frequent heat waves, extreme rainfall, devastating wildfires and more severe tropical storms are affecting many millions of people. Now there is growing evidence that another climate forecast is already

C19 Update 

Seismos [17:15:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (21 visits) info

C19 Belarus 17 Aug v 17 Sep 

Seismos [17:07:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (17 visits) info
From 17 Aug Seismos Blog: 'We have all been reading about Belarus protests the last few days over the recent election. Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets. Below is the current Belarus butterfly [...]

Alumni Spotlight: Milo McBride, Climate Advocate and Creative Thinker 

State of the Planet [14:49:56]  recommend  recommend this post  (10 visits) info
The recent graduate shares highlights from his time in the Environmental Science and Policy program, and advice for current

Andert, 1927. Stratigraphie des Turons, Elbtalkreide - #ebook [12:26:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (3 visits) info
Hermann Andert, 1927. Zur Stratigraphie der turonen Kreide des sächsischen Elbtales. Abhandlungen des Sächsischen Geologischen Landesamtes (G. A. Kaufmann) Leipzig 4:

Pacaya eruptiert Lavaströme am 17.09.20 

Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [10:11:37]  recommend  recommend this post  (21 visits) info
Der guatemaltekische Vulkan Pacaya ist auch heute aktiv und eruptiert mindestens einen Lavastrom, der über die Südflanke des Vulkans fließt und eine Länge von 400 m hat. MIROVA registriert eine hohe [...]

Be a geoscience and data science detective 

MyCarta [05:34:14]  recommend  recommend this post  (15 visits) info
Introduction These days everyone talks about data science. But here’s a question: if you are a geoscientist, and like me you have some interest in data science (that is, doing


ARCHEA [15:00:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (85 visits) info
If you’re wondering if you have Fossil Bone, you’ll want to look for the telltale texture on the surface. It’s best to take the specimen outside & photograph it in natural light.With fossil bone, you [...]

Perfume Fragrances Found in Glacial Ice on Russia’s Mount Elbrus 

State of the Planet [14:00:09]  recommend  recommend this post  (10 visits) info
An ice core records the dramatic increase in the use of perfumes and other personal care products between the 1930s and

Los mundos prehistóricos de Daniel Torres 

Koprolitos [10:15:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (6 visits) info
Torres, en su sancta sanctorum Ya hemos hablado por estos lares de cómo Josep Toutain “colocó” a los principales talentos de su agencia, Selecciones Ilustradas, en las revistas de Warren, en particular [...]

La chimica dell'Amore al tempo dell'Antropocene 

Theropoda [08:33:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (72 visits) info
Una commissione internazionale di psicologi e antropologi ha inviato una petizione alla Società Internazionale dei Chimici con la proposta per introdurre un nuovo elemento chimico, chiamato Amorium. L'Amorium [...]

AMNH Video Tour of Trilobite Collection 

Louisville Area Fossils [05:05:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (35 visits) info
  On Friday, July 24, 2020 the American Museum of Natural History streamed live a presentation by Melanie Hopkins Associate Curator in the Division of Paleontology and PhD student Ernesto Vargas-Parra. [...] | Impressum