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SVP News Bulletin Retires In Its Current Form

Dear SVP Members,

Few things have changed as rapidly over the last several years as the way we communicate. We have all seen an exponential increase in the speed and volume of information exchanges in our lives. As part of this zeitgeist, the SVP Web site is carrying more and more of the Society’s news at an ever-quicker pace, resulting in a duplication of information formerly carried exclusively by the SVP News Bulletin. Given this, the Executive Committee has reevaluated the best use of resources in delivering SVP news, and as part of this, has decided to retire the current form of the SVP News Bulletin.

As stated earlier, most of the information carried in the News Bulletin (Awardees, Annual Business Meeting Minutes, and Letters from the President) are now, or will soon be, carried on the SVP Web site. New Member listings will be discontinued to protect the privacy of members (although members will still be able to access the Online Member Directory in the Members’ Only area of the SVP Web site). This leaves the actual “News” area. Over the coming year, SVP will evaluate what news our members wish to see, and develop a Web-based news delivery plan. We will report to membership when we have developed a good, sustainable plan.

Now, saving the most important part for last: we all express a most sincere thank you to the dedicated and sustained efforts of the News Bulletin Editor, David S Berman, and Managing Editor, Mary Ann Schmidt. Mary Ann actually remembers compiling information for the News Bulletin on her front porch before the days of computers. They have collectively given 40 years to SVP. We are all deeply grateful to you both!

In closing, please understand that it is our every intention to honor the spirit of the SVP News Bulletin by continuing to preserve important SVP and vertebrate paleontological news as we move into the future.

Blaire Van Valkenburgh | Impressum