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Call for Symposia for the SVP 71st Annual Meeting

The Program Committee for the SVP 71st Annual Meeting, November 2-5, 2011, at the Paris Las Vegas and hosted by the Vertebrate Paleontology group within the Department of Geosciences of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, is calling for symposia proposals.

Proposals should include a concise description of the symposium topic including its significance and specific relevance to the particular meeting time and location (if appropriate), and a list of speakers and preliminary titles.  Symposia are four hours in duration and must include 16 presentation slots (all presentations must be limited to 12 minutes each allowing 3 minutes for questions and discussions). This presentation time format will also apply to all other oral presentations (technical and Romer). Five or six poster presentations are also welcome. Proposals should not exceed two pages in length.

Please Note: As for the technical sessions, all abstracts submitted for the symposia are rigorously reviewed by the Program Committee and subject to rejection. To avoid empty slots in the program, the symposium organizers will be encouraged to pre-review abstracts prior to submission.

Example Symposia text can be viewed in the 2010 Annual Meeting Circular at:

Please send proposals to SVP Program co-chairs: Jonathan Bloch at: and Anjali Goswami at:

The deadline for proposal submission is Wednesday, December 15, 2010.

Anjali Goswami and Jonathan Bloch
SVP Program Committee Co-Chairs | Impressum