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Wednesday, 03 September 2014

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STEM & GEMS: Chemical Engineer Stevie Showalter Talks Nerdy To Us 

BEYONDbones [02:00:40]  recommend  recommend this post  (6 visits) info
Editor’s Note: As part of our annual GEMS (Girls Exploring Math and Science) program, we conduct interviews with women who have pursued careers in science, technology, engineering, or math. This week, we’re featuring Stevie Showalter, ALLEX Program Participant for Air Liquide. HMNS: How old … Continue reading

Here We Go Again: Yellowstone is Going to KILL US ALL! Wait a minute... 

Geotripper [01:19:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (5 visits) info
I'm going to start with the conclusion (I've highlighted some parts using the bold font): Geological activity at Yellowstone provides no signs that a supereruption will occur in the near future. Indeed, current seismicity, crustal deformation and thermal activity are consistent with the range and magnitude of signals observed historically over the past century [Lowenstern et al.,

Storia, genetica ed identità storica dei popoli: errori comuni, il "Caso Sardegna" e riflessioni sull'attuale (post "a due tastiere" con Francesco Saliola) 

scienzeedintorni [00:51:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (4 visits) info
Un lettore di Scienzeedintorni ha posto una domanda a proposito del popolamento della Sardegna: ma è vero che esistono margini di rilievi genetici in comune tra i sardi, e i popoli del mare e soprattutto con [...]

ESRI’s MOOC Going Spatial: Week 1 

Digital Geography [00:17:59]  recommend  recommend this post  (11 visits) info
After some uncertainty about the setup and the infrastructure of the first ESRI MOOC on the linkedin group and on the ESRI forum I was able to go through the first week of the ESRI MOOC today. So what you may [...]

Small aftershock in Duncan area 

Arizona Geology [00:01:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (12 visits) info
A M2.6 earthquake on the Arizona-New Mexico border is likely an aftershock from the June 28, M5.3 Duncan earthquake.  Because of it's small size and the limited seismic station coverage in the area, we [...]

Skeleton of dinosaur first unearthed 155 years ago now being excavated 

Utah Geological Survey - blog [00:49:19]  recommend  recommend this post  (3 visits) info
 US The first dinosaur remains in Utah were discovered 155 years ago, but because of the difficult terrain the dinosaur had never been fully excavated. But crews are now working to complete the [...]

breakfast junk 

Accidental Remediation [00:05:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (12 visits) info
One of the signs I'm getting older is that I need to keep a better eye on my diet. Fast food does unpleasant things to my digestion. And I really can't deal with sugary breakfasts anymore. If I have a doughnut [...] | Impressum