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Geoblogosphere weekly review (14th week of 2010, 802 weeks ago)


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  3. Ontario-geofish (15 posts)
  4. Laelaps (14 posts)
  5. Arizona Geology (11 posts)
  6. James’ Empty Blog (9 posts)
  7. Palaeoblog (8 posts)
  8. The Volcanism Blog (8 posts)
  9. Louisville Area Fossils (8 posts)
  10. The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar (7 posts)
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  3. Eruptions (249 visits)
  4. Mountain Beltway (244 visits)
  5. Geotripper (229 visits)
  6. Updates from the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab (218 visits)
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  9. microecos (203 visits)
  10. Wry Heat (190 visits)


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Top stratigraphy:
  1. Triassic (8)
  2. Cretaceous (8)
  3. Paleogene (8)
  4. Ordovician (6)
  5. Quaternary (6)
  6. Neogene (5)
  7. Mesozoic (4)
  8. Jurassic (3)
  9. Devonian (1)
  10. Cambrian (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Self-serving crap from Nature

James’ Empty Blog [2010-04-01 13:27:00]   recommend this post  (197 visits)
Ok, this is a bit of a dog bites man story, but IMO it's pretty poor behaviour, one might even say "reprehensible", for Nature to use its editorials to attack rivals. In particular, their repeated attempts to denigrate the EGU journals is [...]

New Evidence Points to Younger Dryas Impact

microecos [2010-04-02 00:10:53]   recommend this post  (196 visits)
The PR office of some university announced the discovery of compelling new evidence that an extraterrestrial impact triggered a pronounced planetary cooling spell known as the Younger Dryas approximately 12.90512 thousand years ago, and ultimately [...]

A Friday Fun Foto, Part 2: Please Don't Try These Arguments

Geotripper [2010-04-03 03:27:00]   1 recommendations  (194 visits)
Folks caught on pretty quick to what I was showing in the previous post if the comments are any guide: this feature, seen anywhere in the world by any trained geologist, would be identified readily as a doubly plunging syncline, sedimentary layers [...]

Second fissure opens in the Icelandic eruption

Eruptions [2010-04-01 00:38:50]   recommend this post  (186 visits)
Superfast entry as I run out the door but ... The new vent that opened on March 31 at Fimmvörðuhálsi in Iceland. The old vent is to the right in the image and new to the left. Image captured at 5:45PM EDT. A second fissure has opened at the [...]


Utah Geological Survey - blog [2010-04-02 00:14:37]   recommend this post  (185 visits) A series of springtime lectures starts Friday with a presentation on faults and earthquakes in southwestern Utah, scheduled for noon at the Interagency Information Center, 345 E. Riverside Drive in St. George. Bill Lund, senior [...]

Beautiful New Aetosaur Skull Material of Stagonolepis from Poland

Chinleana [2010-04-03 02:09:00]   recommend this post  (184 visits)
This is absolutely beautiful material, which allows for a detailed description of the skull of the European genus Stagonolepis.  Sulej differentiates this material as a new taxon, S. olenkae.  This material is believed to from an equivalent of the [...]

Carmel Church Day 5

Updates from the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab [2010-04-03 03:00:19]   recommend this post  (179 visits)
We had a full schedule since VMNH Director Dr. Joe Keiper was visiting the site today, along with his family and several members of the VMNH Board of Trustees and the VMNH Foundation Board. But even before their arrival, the day started off right [...]

Analogue modeling #1

The Lisbon Structural Geologist [2010-03-28 01:56:00]   recommend this post  (177 visits)
Analogue modeling (Fig.1) is a technique in which artificial/laboratory materials are employed to simulate the mechanical behavior of deforming rocks in nature.Two types of materials are generally used: frictional materials (e.g. sand and other [...]


Mountain Beltway [2010-03-30 13:15:17]   recommend this post  (177 visits)
Sunday morning, NOVA adjunct geology instructor Chris Khourey and I went out to Sugarloaf Mountain, near Comus, Maryland, to poke around and assess the geology. Sugarloaf is so named because it’s “held up” by erosion-resistant [...]

A Superstorm for Global Warming Research

Wry Heat [2010-04-03 01:26:57]   recommend this post  (171 visits)
An eight-part series of articles from the German online newspaper, Spiegel Online, examines the state of climate science and how it has been affected by the “climategate” scandals. This is a fairly balanced report (in English) and should [...] | Impressum