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New from Snet: Lithologs, a new tool to create lithological/sedimentological logs online..

Geoblogosphere weekly review (35th week of 2011, 807 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. News (58 posts)
  2. Ontario-geofish (25 posts)
  3. GeoIdea (23 posts)
  4. Arizona Geology (18 posts)
  5. Geology News (16 posts)
  6. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (11 posts)
  7. Mountain Beltway (10 posts)
  8. James’ Empty Blog (8 posts)
  9. Tierra de Dinosaurios (8 posts)
  10. I think mining (7 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. News (2598 visits)
  2. Northwest Geology Field Trips (1285 visits)
  3. Ontario-geofish (1191 visits)
  4. GeoIdea (1072 visits)
  5. Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings (994 visits)
  6. Arizona Geology (803 visits)
  7. Geology News (679 visits)
  8. I think mining (640 visits)
  9. WeBlog Aragosaurus (638 visits)
  10. Geology in Motion (635 visits)


Top keywords:
  1. earthquake (25)
  2. Earthquakes (18)
  3. Virginia Earthquake (16)
  4. Hurricane Irene (12)
  5. month (9)
  6. east coast (9)
  7. 历史地震记录 (9)
  8. USGS (9)
  9. Dinosaurs (8)
  10. Virginia (8)
Top places:
  1. Virginia (40)
  2. United States (13)
  3. New York (12)
  4. East Coast (11)
  5. Arizona (10)
  6. Mineral (9)
  7. Toronto (8)
  8. Washington (7)
  9. California (6)
  10. Colorado (6)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Devonian (7)
  2. Quaternary (6)
  3. Jurassic (6)
  4. Triassic (4)
  5. Ordovician (4)
  6. Mesozoic (3)
  7. Cretaceous (3)
  8. Neogene (2)
  9. Carboniferous (2)
  10. Cambrian (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Triceratops vs Tyrannosaurus

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings [2011-08-25 09:29:29]   recommend this post  (568 visits)
Perhaps the most obvious mainstay of dinosaurs in art and culture is the stand-off between the giant, fanged Tyrannosaurs and the horned and frilled Triceratops. It’s pretty much a cliché for dinosaurs that these two will fight each other when [...]

Los cambios de faunas en los últimos cinco millones a través de las icnitas conservadas en la región pampeana

WeBlog Aragosaurus [2011-08-21 16:52:00]   recommend this post  (500 visits)
Cristina Bayón de la Universidad Nacional del Sur (Bahía Blanca, Argentina) ha liderado un trabajo en el que se ha estudiado el registro paleoicnológico de los últimos cinco millones de años en la costa atlántica argentina en y cerca de [...]

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake in Colorado today. Why?

Geology in Motion [2011-08-23 17:33:21]   recommend this post  (483 visits)
A magnitude 5.3 earthquake in California might not attract much national attention, but one of this magnitude in Colorado did so today near Trinidad, a town very close to the border with New Mexico.  A precursor of magnitude 4.6 occurred about [...]

Racehorse Landslide fossil fields- access update

Northwest Geology Field Trips [2011-08-21 04:08:13]   recommend this post  (473 visits)
Since completion of logging adjacent to the Racehorse Creek fossil fields (Chuckanut Formation), the road has been blocked off about 100 yards below the trail- a tad less driving, a tad more walking. There are big berms built across the access road, [...]

Axial hot spot volcano dive continues to send live feed

Northwest Geology Field Trips [2011-08-22 16:39:15]   recommend this post  (412 visits)
The live feed from Axial volcano continues at least through today. Filed under: igneous rocks, volcanic activity, volcanic deposits, Volcanic

Few right and wrong things about geology in Iceland, part 1

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2011-08-22 00:29:34]   recommend this post  (387 visits)
I have seen many speculations on how geology works in Iceland. Some of it is good and based on observation and factual basic. Other however is nothing but speculation and far from anything based on factual evidence on how geology … Continue [...]

Sole-Saving Sed Structure Sunday!

The Dynamic Earth [2011-08-21 21:40:00]   recommend this post  (378 visits)
Brian shared an image of some completely rad flute marks on Friday, which has inspired me to dedicate this Sunday Sed Structure to saving some SOLES!  Sole marks, that is!  As Brian pointed out, sole marks are a whole suite of erosional features [...]

Amazing live video from Axial Seamount Volcano

Northwest Geology Field Trips [2011-08-22 06:22:05]   recommend this post  (359 visits)
Here is a link to a live video stream from a robotic submersible currently cruising around the Axial Seamount Volcano. Axial is a hotspot volcano on the Juan de Fuca spreading ridge 300 miles west of Astoria, and it erupted this April (video here). [...]

Geo-Video - Schuttstrom

Mente et Malleo [2011-08-25 21:37:56]   recommend this post  (355 visits)
Auf diesem Video ist zu sehen, wie ein Schuttstrom durch ein trockenes Flussbett im Coronado National Memorial im Süden Arizonas strömt. Man kann gut erkennen, wie die Mischung aus Erde, Steinen und Wasser das vorher trockene Flussbett [...]

Sierra Leone Diamond Mining as an Inspration for Tea Pary Politicians and Republican Presidential Hopefuls

I think mining [2011-08-22 00:22:13]   recommend this post  (344 visits)
The news this week has been mainly bad: more crashing stock markets, more idiotic statements from Republican hopefuls, more countries seizing the mines of the country.   The saddest part is that the only idea Republican hopefuls have about [...] | Impressum