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New from Snet: Lithologs, a new tool to create lithological/sedimentological logs online..

Geoblogosphere weekly review (8th week of 2011, 825 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. News (33 posts)
  2. Arizona Geology (24 posts)
  3. Geology News (16 posts)
  4. State of the Planet (13 posts)
  5. WeBlog Aragosaurus (12 posts)
  6. ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule (9 posts)
  7. Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings (8 posts)
  8. Geopark Araripe (8 posts)
  9. Gunnars Geo-Blog (7 posts)
  10. Palaeoblog (7 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. News (3121 visits)
  2. Arizona Geology (1632 visits)
  3. Geology News (1337 visits)
  4. Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings (956 visits)
  5. WeBlog Aragosaurus (910 visits)
  6. Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs (798 visits)
  7. State of the Planet (745 visits)
  8. When Pigs Fly returns (699 visits)
  9. (671 visits)
  10. ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule (631 visits)


Top keywords:
  1. Geology Books (59)
  2. Global News (39)
  3. geology (22)
  4. Environment (19)
  5. blog (18)
  6. Earth (16)
  7. google (11)
  8. climate change (11)
  9. volcano (10)
  10. photos (10)
Top places:
  1. United States (11)
  2. Portugal (11)
  3. Australia (9)
  4. Washington (8)
  5. China (6)
  6. Arizona (6)
  7. San Francisco (5)
  8. Utah (5)
  9. Hawaii (5)
  10. Italy (5)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Jurassic (5)
  2. Quaternary (4)
  3. Devonian (4)
  4. Ordovician (3)
  5. Triassic (3)
  6. Carboniferous (3)
  7. Cretaceous (2)
  8. Neogene (2)
  9. Silurian (2)
  10. Cambrian (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Look out! He's got a Plasma Cutter!

When Pigs Fly returns [2011-02-19 03:57:00]   recommend this post  (699 visits)
I got the Collector's Edition of Dead Space 2, which, by the way is one of the best games I've played in a long time. This box set came with a small replica (fully functional, as you can see) of Isaac Clark's ever-useful Plasma Cutter, with which [...]

Ghetie’s Atlas of Avian Anatomy: a virtually unknown treasure…now available!

Pick & Scalpel [2011-02-18 17:15:08]   recommend this post  (540 visits)
This post will be of interest to the small subset of scientists that cherish ol’ skool analog anatomical work…folks like me. A few years ago, we “discovered” Ghetie’s Anatomical Atlas of Domestic Birds. Published in 1976 in Bucharest, [...]

Arkansas Earthquake Swarm Map News [2011-02-18 03:32:49]   recommend this post  (462 visits)
The Arkansas Geological Survey has a Google map that shows the location of earthquake epicenters associated with the recent earthquake swarm that has been occurring near the town of Guy. CNN Video about the earthquake

Darren Tanke’s Gorgosaurus preparation 20: fixing undercuts, the final preparation

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings [2011-02-14 10:00:44]   recommend this post  (409 visits)
The last of the Gorgosaurus preparation (on this side) was finished February 10th. In readiness for molding, holes, cracks and undercuts have to be filled and this phase is rapidly reaching the end, too. The plan to mold the edge of the field jacket [...]

Exporting Canadian Oil Sands Crude to Asia News [2011-02-15 06:28:56]   recommend this post  (376 visits)
Some people in the United States oppose importing the crude oil from Canadian oil sands deposits because of environmental concerns. A bridge that can transport them to Asia is being considered if the US does not want the

Pyroclastic Flow at Shiveluch Volcano, Russia News [2011-02-15 04:23:27]   recommend this post  (372 visits)
“Shiveluch is one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. [...] On January 25, 2011, [...] NASA’s Terra satellite detected a hot avalanche of volcanic debris—a pyroclastic flow—sliding down the south [...]

Interview with paleoartist Nobu Tamura

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs [2011-02-15 16:40:00]   recommend this post  (333 visits)
Sericipterus by Nobu Tamura. Used with the artist's permission.If you've ever googled a prehistoric critter, you've more than likely seen Nobu Tamura's work. Besides his work on the website Palaeocritti, which serves as a repository for information [...]

New FHWA Document: Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System Interim Implementation Guide [2011-02-15 13:33:09]   recommend this post  (324 visits)
The FHWA Turner-Fairbanks Highway Research Center has issued a document to provide interim guidance on the implementation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil or GRS Bridge Systems. From the foreward: Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) technology [...]

Behavior of Sodium in geological environment- with special reference to Jharkhand State of India.

Environment and Geology [2011-02-15 11:43:00]   recommend this post  (310 visits)
The relationship between elevated sodium intake and hypertension has been subject of scientific controversy.byDr. Nitish PriyadarshiSodium salts are found in virtually all food (the main source of daily exposures) and drinking water. Sodium levels [...]

PALEOpalooza 2011 - get your fossil on!

Louisville Area Fossils [2011-02-15 04:32:00]   recommend this post  (309 visits)
The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is hosting a fossil festival February 19 & 20, 2011 from 10 AM till 5 PM EST.  Meet Dr. Scott Sampson and Buddy the T. Rex of PBS's Dinosaur Train.Academy of Natural [...] | Impressum