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Geoblogosphere weekly review (4th week of 2012, 738 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. News (30 posts)
  2. Arizona Geology (19 posts)
  3. State of the Planet (10 posts)
  4. Geology News (9 posts)
  5. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (9 posts)
  6. Tierra de Dinosaurios (8 posts)
  7. drip | david’s really interesting pages... (8 posts)
  8. Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings (7 posts)
  9. Palaeoblog (7 posts)
  10. Mountain Beltway (7 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. Arizona Geology (869 visits)
  2. News (774 visits)
  3. Through the Sandglass (746 visits)
  4. Geology in the West Country (650 visits)
  5. Un Geólogo en apuros (614 visits)
  6. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (588 visits)
  7. The Whirlpool of Life (478 visits)
  8. Hypo-theses (431 visits)
  9. Mente et Malleo (400 visits)
  10. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (363 visits)


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  1. Dinosaurs (9)
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  3. summary (8)
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  10. flickr (7)
Top places:
  1. United States (21)
  2. Arizona (10)
  3. California (8)
  4. India (5)
  5. Tucson (5)
  6. Texas (5)
  7. Africa (5)
  8. Iceland (4)
  9. Florence (4)
  10. Keystone (4)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Jurassic (4)
  2. Triassic (4)
  3. Ordovician (4)
  4. Cambrian (3)
  5. Quaternary (2)
  6. Neogene (2)
  7. Cretaceous (2)
  8. Carboniferous (2)
  9. Devonian (1)
  10. Silurian (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

¡Hola mundo!

Un Geólogo en apuros [2012-01-15 18:35:33]   recommend this post  (614 visits)
Bienvenido a WordPress. Esta es tu primera entrada. Edítala o bórrala, ¡y comienza a

Darwin's lost fossils found down the back of a cupboard

Geology in the West Country [2012-01-17 17:25:00]   recommend this post  (498 visits)
Fossils collected by a young Charles Darwin have been discovered in a gloomy corner of a British Geological Survey vault.The treasure trove of fossilised wood, stone and vegetation includes samples that Darwin collected on the HMS Beagle journey, [...]

The Gaia Hypothesis

The Whirlpool of Life [2012-01-19 21:20:00]   recommend this post  (478 visits)
I wrote the following brief essay in response to literary agent John Brockman's annual question. This year's question was, "What is your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation? Check out answers from other members of the Edge clan at: [...]

Sunday Sand Scene

Through the Sandglass [2012-01-15 05:30:12]   recommend this post  (425 visits)
OK, the Paris-Dakar rally is controversial, but this is simply such a spectacular image. [Peru, photo Reuters/Philippe

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Hypo-theses [2012-01-15 02:09:31]   recommend this post  (406 visits)
On a whim today, I decided to trace my academic family tree (i.e. my Ph.D. supervisor being my academic parent; their supervisor, my academic grandparent … and so forth). I was stunned to get back to the early 1600s, before the English Civil [...]

Geo Foto: Mountain Pass

Mente et Malleo [2012-01-16 23:13:46]   recommend this post  (368 visits)
Karbonatite gehören zu den seltensten Gesteinen der Erdkruste. Dennoch sind sie durchaus interessant, und das nicht nur aus akademischer Sicht. Denn sie können etliche wirtschaftlich interessante Elemente enthalten, nicht zuletzt die [...]

Reminder about the volcano and earthquake forum

Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog [2012-01-21 03:54:33]   recommend this post  (343 visits)
Besides running this blog and two other blogs. I also have an volcano and earthquake forum. In there it is possible to share pictures, graphs and other useful volcano and earthquake stuff. There also an option for an good off-topic … Continue [...]

Nature and Science both oppose the RWA

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [2012-01-19 12:37:36]   recommend this post  (338 visits)
Although I’m on record of being no fan of the tabloids, there’s no doubt that they are hugely influential.  So it has to be good news to find that in the last few hours, both Nature and Science have publicly come out against the [...]

Potash company brings in heavy hitter as Board Chair

Arizona Geology [2012-01-19 04:19:00]   recommend this post  (321 visits)
Passport Potash announced that they appointed David Salisbury [right, credit Resolution Copper], former CEO of Resolution Copper, as Chairman of the Board. Passport notes thatMr. Salisbury was President and CEO of Resolution Copper Mining [...]

Tom, Dick, Harry, and George - sand and The Great Escape

Through the Sandglass [2012-01-17 22:07:00]   recommend this post  (321 visits)
The plan to dig down to the workshop at the starting point of the tunnel known as Harry, where the wartime fliers began their effort to tunnel beneath the barbed wire, was aborted when engineers failed repeatedly to prevent | Impressum