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New from Snet: Lithologs, a new tool to create lithological/sedimentological logs online..

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Créer un modèle numérique de terrain à partir d’une carte topographique

Digital Geography [2013-03-24 10:10:50]   recommend this post  (305 visits)
Il est possible de créer des modèles numériques de terrain à partir de cartes topographiques numérisées. Pour cela, il faut d’abord importer un fond de carte topographique sous Qgis. Dans le cas présent nous avons importé un fond de [...]

The Other California: That slope won't be a problem will it? The Wrightwood Mudflow

Geotripper [2013-03-27 08:19:00]   recommend this post  (304 visits)
You learn something new everyday. At least I hope you do. I learned something astounding revealed by satellite imagery of the Mojave Desert. We were headed home a week or two ago, and were taking a "short cut" along the San Andreas fault [...]

Aachen 2013 – 4th International INQUA Meeting on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology, 9-14 October, Aachen, Germany

Paleoseismicity [2013-03-24 09:41:07]   recommend this post  (301 visits)
Dear friends and colleagues, in 2013 we will organize the 4th International INQUA Meeting on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology in Western Germany. The online registration will open soon at and additional [...]

GSA Southeastern Section Meeting 2013

Caribbean Paleobiology [2013-03-30 15:17:00]   recommend this post  (300 visits)
Just a week and a half ago (March 20-21, 2013) was the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Geological Society Southeastern Section, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This two day meeting was a great venue, not only to see some interesting presentations, but was [...]

Spring arrives in the Sierra Nevada Foothills (and a gratuitous mammal photo)

Geotripper [2013-03-25 08:19:00]   recommend this post  (276 visits)
A long work week, and then another family gathering, this time in Porterville in the southern part of California's Great Valley. We couldn't resist the desire to see what was happening in the Sierra Nevada foothills, so we headed up a new road for [...]

A new landslide on Whidbey Island

The Landslide Blog [2013-03-28 09:17:27]   recommend this post  (273 visits)
A landslide occurred yesterday on Whidbey Island, USA. This post provides a brief overview of the event. Surprisingly little of the cliff top has been lost to date despite the size of the

Screening the Silica Shale for microfossils

Views of the Mahantango [2013-03-24 08:01:00]   recommend this post  (271 visits)
My next experiment with my new screen set was with a sample of eroded Silica Shale that I'd collected from an old dump bank near Sylvania, Ohio. Since the Silica Shale is contemporaneous with the Arkona formation I should find similar fossils. I had [...]

A very pretty map

Watershed Hydrogeology Blog [2013-03-26 04:49:36]   recommend this post  (270 visits)
I really like how the topography and rivers show up on this map, but I wish it had a clearer key of the colors and of the black-outlined areas. Are they watersheds or political subdivisions. The flickr caption reads: “Map of the the Upper Tana [...]

Dinorobots en Faunia

DinoAstur. Blog sobre La Costa de los Dinosaurios [2013-03-24 12:06:15]   1 recommendations  (268 visits)
Nos enteramos hace unos días por las alertas de google de una exposición de dinosaurios robotizados en Faunia, Madrid (Europa Press, Agencia EFE). Arriba una reconstrucción de Diplodocus, que estuvo instalado en el Lago Sur de la Ciudad de las [...]

OMNH 1331 is my new hero

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [2013-03-24 09:56:55]   recommend this post  (258 visits)
Here’s an update from the road–get ready for some crappy raw images, because that’s all I have the time or energy to post (with one exception). Here’s OMNH 1331. It’s just the slightly convex articular end off a big [...] | Impressum