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The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: A trepostome bryozoan from the Upper Ordovician of northern Kentucky

Wooster Geologists [2013-12-15 06:26:57]   recommend this post  (310 visits)
First, what U.S. state does this delicious little bryozoan resemble? It’s so close I can even pick out Green Bay. This is Heterotrypa frondosa (d’Orbigny, 1850), a trepostome bryozoan from the Corryville Formation (Upper Ordovician) in [...]

Interview with Andrey Atuchin

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings [2013-12-16 20:55:50]   recommend this post  (294 visits)
Today’s palaeoart interview is with Andrey Atuchin. He has rather stormed onto the scene recently with a string of beautiful artworks, especially with some of the recent new discoveries coming out of Utah. As forever, the works here are his [...]

On the Shoulders of Giants: A 125th Anniversary Retrospective

Speaking of Geoscience [2013-12-17 19:51:31]   recommend this post  (192 visits)
by Vince Matthews Serving as General Chair of GSA’s 125th Anniversary Meeting caused me to ponder a bit more about our legacy than I normally would have.  As I thought back over the last hundred and twenty five years, several of my favorite GSA [...]

Sand, bat excrement and tsunamis

Through the Sandglass [2013-12-18 15:00:34]   recommend this post  (188 visits)
I have been offline for a while, living the life of a hermit attached to a word-processor, surrounded by a veritable chaos of index cards, large sheets of paper covered in my version of ‘mind-maps’, magazine clippings and journal

The Real Reason American Kids Are Lousy At Math And Science? This NY Times Op Ed May Very Well Hit The Nail On The Head

Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2013-12-19 04:47:30]   recommend this post  (188 visits)
I’ve written often here about Science and education and how poorly American kids do in Math and Science compared to many other countries. I spotted this Op Ed in the NY Times tonight, and it’s well worth a read. All the money in the [...]

Still Pondering The Virgin River Gorge

WATCH FOR ROCKS - Travels of a Sharp-Eyed Geologist [2013-12-18 19:26:44]   recommend this post  (177 visits)
Lately I’ve been poking around the Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area, pondering the rocks and trying to figure things out in the Virgin River Gorge. Sedimentary rocks of the Virgin River GorgeOne recent afternoon I was moseying about, [...]

POTD December 17, 2013: Middle Desert Overlook, Capitol Reef National Park, Wayne County, Utah

Utah Geological Survey - blog [2013-12-17 20:49:06]   recommend this post  (176 visits)
POTD December 17, 2013: Middle Desert Overlook, Capitol Reef National Park, Wayne County, Utah Photographer: Stefan Kirby Eroding buttes of the Middle Jurassic-age Entrada Sandstone and overlying Curtis Formation. Middle Desert Overlook, Capitol [...]

Exploring the Topographic Evolution of Cinder Cones

Active Tectonics Blog [2013-12-15 04:21:00]   recommend this post  (169 visits)
At the Fall AGU 2013, I presented a summary of work done by Emma Gleeman (Brown) and Sarah Zibart (Western Kentucky University) along with Amanda Clarke (ASU) and Fabrizio Alfano (ASU) as part of the Research Experience for Undergraduates: Landscape [...]

Inside the Biggest Cavern Opening in California: Moaning Caverns in the Sierra Nevada Foothills

Geotripper [2013-12-15 07:31:00]   recommend this post  (161 visits)
Yes, I had another field trip today! It was less academic then some, as it was a Geology Club tour, but learning was part of the experience. We headed into the Sierra Nevada foothills to check out some karst topography, visiting Moaning Caverns, and [...] | Impressum