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The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

6th INQUA International Workshop on Active Tectonics, Paleoseismology and Archeoseismology – 19-24 April 2015, Pescina, Italy

Paleoseismicity [2014-05-20 11:03:05]   recommend this post  (476 visits)
Dear Colleagues and Friends, we are pleased to announce that the 6th  INQUA International Workshop on Active Tectonics, Paleoseismology and Archeoseismology will be held in Pescina (Abruzzo, Central Italy) in the period 19 – 24 April 2015. We [...]

Interview with Julius Csotonyi and Steve White

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings [2014-05-20 08:21:07]   recommend this post  (358 visits)
Fans of palaeoart will have kept up with the various interviews I have done over the years with a wide variety of artists who favour the realm of long-dead organisms. Today, however this is more directed to the specifics of the big new book in this [...]

22 May: Greetings from Yangtze – 2014 GSA Distinguished International Lecture Tour

Speaking of Geoscience [2014-05-22 19:42:15]   recommend this post  (321 visits)
5/22/14 From Shanghai we flew into Wuhan, Hubei province in central China, met by my host Dr. Guangming Hu who had been a visiting scholar in my department in 2013. Soon we were in a van heading to the Three Gorges Dam.  We traveled through a [...]

Ohio Teacher Caught Telling Students That Alaska Research Project is Controlling The Weather

Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2014-05-19 07:09:56]   recommend this post  (285 visits)
Toledo, Ohio Meteorologist Ross Ellet got a real shock while talking to students at Star Academy Charter School last week. He’d been asked to talk to the students about weather and science, but he got a question that left him totally stunned. [...]

No, THIS is the biggest dinosaur!

ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule [2014-05-18 11:21:00]   recommend this post  (247 visits)
Stop the presses. There is literally a new record-breaker on the block. Bigger than Argentinosaurus. Possibly bigger than even Puertasaurus, Ruyangosaurus and Alamosaurus. Some of these new giants (yes, there's a whole herd of them found, in VERY [...]

PhD position available at URI: Paleoseismology of the Cascadian Subduction Zone

Paleoseismicity [2014-05-21 10:07:14]   recommend this post  (246 visits)
The Sea Level Research laboratory in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Rhode Island is looking to recruit a PhD student to work on an NSF funded project focused on paleoseismology of the Cascadia subduction zone. The project … [...]

The Z Fold of Ogden Canyon

WATCH FOR ROCKS - Travels of a Sharp-Eyed Geologist [2014-05-19 03:19:36]   recommend this post  (235 visits)
My original plan was to spend a few mid–May days at Antelope Island state park in the Great Salt Lake and hike Frary Peak, the highest peak on the biggest island in the largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere. However, cold windy weather [...]

Active faults of Greece: map available for downloading

Earthquake Geology in Greece [2014-05-22 13:37:20]   recommend this post  (233 visits)
The current version of the active faults of Greece map (GreDaSS project) is available for downloading in A0 format from here.

Doodle de Google para conmemorar el 215 aniversario del nacimiento de Mary Anning.

Tierra de Dinosaurios [2014-05-21 00:30:00]   recommend this post  (223 visits)
Google dedica un doodle especial a la paleontóloga, coleccionista y comerciante de fósiles Mary Anning, con motivo del 215 aniversario de su nacimiento.  La científica está considerada una de las personas pioneras en la paleontología. Nació [...]

Wooster’s Fossils of the Week: “Star-rock” crinoids from the Middle Jurassic of Utah

Wooster Geologists [2014-05-18 07:53:13]   recommend this post  (222 visits)
This little slab of crinoid stem fragments comes from the Co-op Creek Member of the Carmel Formation (Middle Jurassic) exposed in northwestern Kane County, Utah. I collected it with my friend Carol Tang as we explored a beautiful encrinite (a rock [...] | Impressum