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New from Snet: Lithologs, a new tool to create lithological/sedimentological logs online..

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The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

A meeting for the Kullorsuaq Community

State of the Planet [2014-07-20 02:58:46]   recommend this post  (13206 visits)
It seems that many of the local fishermen have gone to hunt Narwal further north but there are several good prospects for boats that Søren will scout further as several of the fishermen are sleeping as the fishing is better right now at night. [...]

Deep-Sea Poop, Amoebas, Basket Stars, Pinwheel Crinoids and MORE! Pics from the NOAA Deep-sea Photo Archive!

Echinoblog [2014-07-23 06:34:00]   recommend this post  (363 visits)
Gulf of Alaska 2004 Expedition. NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration  This week I have been researching images from deep-sea video on the home page for the NOAA Photo Library, which has housed ALL of the deep-sea and other imagery from NOAA's [...]

Now you see it, now you don’t: the disappearing and reappearing waters of the River Manifold

Highly Allochthonous [2014-07-20 00:46:50]   recommend this post  (333 visits)
We’re just back from a couple of weeks in the UK, which included a week exploring the scenic Peak District in northern England. Interesting geological features abounded from day one, when we took a hike along part of the very … Continue [...]

Kulindadromeus images

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings [2014-07-24 20:27:22]   recommend this post  (332 visits)
While I’m sure huge parts of the internet are currently going mad over the new ornithischian Kulindadromeus and the implications for fuzzy dinosaurs (or otherwise) there current crop of pictures available isn’t that great. Inevitably [...]

The largest mosasaur on display in the world: Bruce the Tylosaurus pembinensis

Why I hate Theropods [2014-07-20 15:44:00]   recommend this post  (307 visits)"Bruce the mosasaur in Manitoba now largest in the world" CBC News, 7/15/2014"Bruce, Manitoba's famous ancient sea creature, has [...]

Entrevista en El Comercio (20 de julio de 2014)

DinoAstur. Blog sobre La Costa de los Dinosaurios [2014-07-20 14:21:11]   1 recommendations  (285 visits)
El pasado jueves el Museo del Jurásico de Asturias (MUJA) recibió a su visitante 1.500.000 lo que atrajo a la prensa regional (véanse noticias en TPA (con vídeo), La Nueva España (aquí y aquí) y El Comercio). El MUJA acaba de alcanzar el [...]

Courtland Creek cut

Oakland Geology [2014-07-20 06:54:02]   recommend this post  (281 visits)
Courtland Creek runs just south of High Street; presumably the valley was a footpath long before High Street was laid out in the 1800s. It has the peculiarity of crossing the old alluvial fan without cutting out a floodplain, as shown here in the [...]

July 22, 2014 News [2014-07-21 05:26:08]   recommend this post  (279 visits)
Exploring for Diamonds in Sierra Leone Virtual Strategy Los Angeles River: From Concrete Ditch to Urban Oasis National Geographic Summer Program Introduces High Schoolers to Geoscience The Herald-Sun Geological Hotspots in New Zealand Escape

I'm Sorry, This Trench is Full; Those Rocks Will Have to Go Elsewhere

Geotripper [2014-07-21 08:21:00]   recommend this post  (268 visits)
Looking south from Hurricane Ridge into the heart of Olympic National Park There will be few detailed blogs these next few weeks; I'm on the road leading our Canada/Pacific Northwest field class, and I will be just a bit busy. But I can't help [...]

California Mining via Knotsberry Farm

I think mining [2014-07-20 05:04:22]   recommend this post  (258 visits)
Spent the past three days at California mines.  Two days at a real mine and today at Knotsberry Farm and their simulacrums of a mine.  They are to be commended for making mining fun in an amusement park.  Here are some photos.  Two of the real [...] | Impressum