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Geoblogosphere weekly review (5th week of 2015, 346 weeks ago)


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  2. Gunnars Geo-Blog (9 posts)
  3. Ontario-geofish (8 posts)
  4. State of the Planet (6 posts)
  5. Geotripper (5 posts)
  6. JOIDES Resolution blogs (5 posts)
  7. BEYONDbones (5 posts)
  8. Koprolitos (5 posts)
  9. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (5 posts)
  10. Arizona Geology (4 posts)
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  1. Ontario-geofish (817 visits)
  2. I think mining (769 visits)
  3. Geotripper (764 visits)
  4. Gunnars Geo-Blog (684 visits)
  5. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (527 visits)
  6. Arizona Geology (514 visits)
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  8. Spain (3)
  9. California (3)
  10. Texas (3)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Cretaceous (3)
  2. Devonian (3)
  3. Ordovician (3)
  4. Jurassic (2)
  5. Paleogene (2)
  6. Silurian (1)
  7. Cambrian (1)
  8. Neogene (1)
  9. Quaternary (1)
  10. Mesozoic (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

Bonus pterosaur (anurognathid) art you've never seen before! (sort of) blog [2015-01-28 18:29:00]   recommend this post  (262 visits)
Anurognathus ammoni makes itself like a tree, but doesn't leave. Prints are available.Last week I unceremoniously dumped several revamped pterosaur images on the blog after they were prepared for a talk on one of my favourite topics - pterosaur [...]

The Sierra Beyond Yosemite: Where the Sierra Ends (maybe), and Gold

Geotripper [2015-01-26 21:28:00]   recommend this post  (253 visits)
In some places it is pretty clear where the Sierra Nevada ends. For a hundred miles or more there is a solid rock wall that reaches a height of two miles in the Owens Valley. There is no mistaking that the mountains end at the cliffs above Lone [...]

New director named for Arizona Dept. of Water Resources

Arizona Geology [2015-01-27 01:50:00]   recommend this post  (251 visits)
A news release from Governor Doug Ducey's office today announced the appointment of Thomas Buschatzke [photo credit, ADWR] as Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR). Mr. Buschatzke has been assistant director for the [...]

Big Guns Finally Wade In On Oklahoma

Ontario-geofish [2015-01-29 13:51:00]   recommend this post  (248 visits)
Article “There’s a hysteria that needs to be brought back to reality that these [quakes] are light and will not cause any harm,” Brown said, according to local news reports. “An earthquake that was sitting there waiting goes kaboing. Then [...]

The Sierra Beyond Yosemite: Donnell Vista and Sonora Pass

Geotripper [2015-01-25 05:22:00]   recommend this post  (248 visits)
It's gloomy and foggy, and I haven't seen the sun for days. It's a few more weeks before field season (Death Valley!), but I can't help exploring the sunnier places from warmer times. I'm looking back at the pics from our fall semester where we [...]

Born This Day: Roya Chapman Andrews

Palaeoblog [2015-01-26 13:42:00]   recommend this post  (235 visits)
Photo from Parade of Life Through The Ages, by Charles Knight, Nat. Geo., Feb. 1942. From the American Museum of Natural History web site: Adventurer, administrator, and Museum promoter — Andrews (Jan. 26, 1884 – March 11, 1960) spent his [...]

Making Snowfall Forecasts More Accuarate

Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2015-01-28 00:23:08]   recommend this post  (233 visits)
We are at the cusp of some amazing technology that will hopefully make forecasting snowstorms, like the one predicted yesterday, much more accurate. I was on a local program produced by the TV station I work for (WBOC-TV) last week, and I showed a [...]

Unidentified Fish Fossils

Louisville Area Fossils [2015-01-27 03:32:00]   recommend this post  (232 visits)
When I go on trips I sometimes try to find fossils or minerals from that area as a memento. My last trip to Arizona I found this plate in a museum gift shop. Unfortunately, it had no identification label so I do not know its name, location where [...]

Guest post: Baltic gold: the amber rush

Through the Sandglass [2015-01-30 11:22:08]   recommend this post  (228 visits)
Danuta Ziętala writes: When you visit the Polish coast you have to take a souvenir: a necklace made of amber, a bracelet made of amber, or other jewellery. Prices depend on size, working, the precious items inside (mosquito!). I

Miette Group gritstone showing scours, mudchip rip-ups, cross-bedding, and dropstones

Mountain Beltway [2015-01-27 12:45:24]   recommend this post  (221 visits)
The coarser strata of the Neoproterozoic Miette Group in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta record changing water current strength over time, and maybe an iceberg or | Impressum