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      Pine Valley and Carlin Canyon Squiggles

      Looking for Detachment [2017-05-09 18:00:00]   recommend this post  (184 visits)
      What is this?!!1?1!? It all started when I was trying to find out what rock formations and rock types I was seeing while making the long trip to work and back out near Elko. Looking around, I found this geologic map (Smith and Ketner, 1972), which [...]

      Neat earthquake video

      Ontario-geofish [2017-05-07 13:06:00]   recommend this post  (169 visits)
      Reference This is really good physics, something I don't expect from 'official' earthquake people.  The video shows ground velocity which has a direct connection with damage.  You can see the directivity of the giant thrust fault, and although it [...]

      PATA Days 2017 in New Zealand: Field trip programme out now! [2017-05-10 23:00:41]   recommend this post  (162 visits)
      The organisers of the PATA Days 2017 in New Zealand have provided details on the planned field trips. There will be a 1-day field trip at the start of meeting, and an optional 3-day post-meeting field trip. Some of the field trip details are not yet [...]

      Paper: Using georadar and a mobile geoelectrics device to map shallow sediment distribution on a large scale [2017-05-12 23:12:05]   recommend this post  (156 visits)
      Together with my colleagues I have published a new paper in which we describe a methodology for mapping the shallow architecture of large sedimentary basins with minimum effort and high resolution. We use two geophysical methods and combine them [...]

      Seizing an Issue

      Ontario-geofish [2017-05-07 12:40:00]   recommend this post  (152 visits)
      Reference The new method of science is to seize an issue and then fight off any comers, like a game of 'King of the Castle'.  I had a lot of fun with that as a kid, especially on giant snow piles.   The concept that seismic surveys do [...]

      Research finds spike in dust storms in American Southwest driven by ocean changes

      Geospace [2017-05-10 19:14:08]   recommend this post  (146 visits)
      People living in the American Southwest have experienced a dramatic increase in windblown dust storms in the last two decades, likely driven by large-scale changes in sea surface temperature in the Pacific Ocean drying the region’s soil, according [...]

      Ripples in Foreknobs

      Mountain Beltway [2017-05-10 01:49:20]   recommend this post  (144 visits)
      The Foreknobs Formation is a Devonian unit in the Valley & Ridge province of the Mid-Atlantic Region. It was deposited in relatively shallow near-shore conditions during the Acadian Orogeny. On a field trip to Corridor H, a new highway [...]

      Geiranger Fjord in Norway: the spectacular rockslide video

      The Landslide Blog [2017-05-10 08:48:04]   recommend this post  (141 visits)
      On Monday a significant rockslide on the flanks of Geiranger Fjord in Norway was captured on a video now posted to

      EGU Conference 2017: Trying out a new type of interactive presentation

      Earth & Solar System [2017-05-10 16:41:10]   recommend this post  (138 visits)
      Vienna: One of the most culturally rich and diverse capital cities in the world and home to this years’ European Geosciences Union (EGU) annual meeting. I was fortunate enough to attend this meeting during the first part of the week in … [...]

      The 2013 Bingham Canyon mine failure: insights into the giant Manefay landslide

      The Landslide Blog [2017-05-12 08:50:53]   recommend this post  (127 visits)
      Brad Ross, a mining engineer, has provided extensive insights into the events leading up to the vast Manefay landslide at the Bingham Canyon mine in | Impressum