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      Almaty sits on a huge active fault, and here is why we know

      Paleoseismicity [2017-12-04 02:57:22]   recommend this post  (107 visits)
      Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan and home to ~2 million people, is a rapidly growing, vibrant city, beautifully situated at the foothills of the mighty Zailisky Alatau, the northernmost mountain range of the Tien Shan at this longitude. The [...]


      Seismos [2017-12-04 17:46:00]   recommend this post  (81 visits)
      Like many academics, I have many things going on and it is easy to get them mixed up or have something important get dropped. I keep a todo list on paper and one on the board in my office, that helps with the daily buzz of Department Chair duties. [...]

      Summer School on rockslides and related phenomena 15-30 August, 2018, in Kyrgyzstan [2017-12-08 20:36:19]   recommend this post  (76 visits)
      Our colleague Alexander Strom informed us that the 12th Kokomeren Summer School on rockslides and related phenomena (Kyrgyzstan) will take place from 15-30 August , 2018. The announcement and a detailed, full-color guidebook could be downloaded [...]

      Cross-bone & T-Bone Rex

      Koprolitos [2017-12-09 12:28:00]   recommend this post  (72 visits)
      Viktor es un artista de Hafnarfjörður (Islandia) que se dedica a reinterpretar con sus pinturas diferentes muñecos pertenecientes al universo "Masters of the Universe" para luego venderlos en su tienda Viktor's Vintage. Su propuesta es [...]

      Gunung Agung mit Inflation

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2017-12-04 10:58:54]   recommend this post  (72 visits)
      Der Status des Vulkans auf Bali ist praktisch unverändert: es werden Erdbeben und Tremor registriert. Heute Morgen (Ortszeit) entwich nur eine sehr dünne Gaswolke. Das VSI brachte am 2. Dezember eine Pressemitteilung heraus, in der es sich als [...]

      The Top 8 Instagram Spots At HMNS This Holiday Season

      BEYONDbones [2017-12-08 20:56:59]   recommend this post  (66 visits)
            It is that time of year where your Instagram feed is #merryandbright. From dogs in Santa hats to beautiful Christmas cookies (seriously when did all my friends become pastry chefs??) to adorable kids crying on Santa’s lap, it seems like [...]

      Gunung Agung mit neuer Tremorphase

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2017-12-05 13:30:11]   recommend this post  (64 visits)
      Heute ereignete sich am Gunung Agung auf Bali eine erneute Phase mit Tremor, der die Anzeigenskala sprengte. Ein Indiz dafür, dass der Vulkan alles andere als ruhig ist. Von offizieller Seite wird das Volumen der Lava, welche sich im Krater [...]

      Island: 5 Vulkane bereiten sich auf Eruption vor

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2017-12-03 15:21:35]   recommend this post  (57 visits)
      Laut dem Geophysiker Páll Einarsson bereiten sich auf Island derzeit 5 Vulkane auf eine Eruption vor. Diese 5 sind Hekla, Katla, Bardarbunga, Grimsvötn und Öræfajökull. Meiner Meinung nach gehört zu dieser Liste noch Herdubreid hinzu, obwohl [...]

      Starving Polar Bear

      Ontario-geofish [2017-12-09 20:50:00]   recommend this post  (53 visits)
      Don't forget to goog 'Starving Polar Bear' before you go all warmie on us.  In previous reincarnations of this picture, it was pointed out by a bear expert that's how all bears die of old age.  I'm sure he was attacked enough times by the warmies [...]

      Door 7 – Wrapping up for Christmas!

      Geological Society of London blog [2017-12-07 11:00:13]   recommend this post  (51 visits)
      This post by Florence Bullough originally appeared on Four Degrees, part of the EGU blogs network. In our second look at links between geology and Christmas, Flo Bullough investigates the geological origins of wrapping paper… The use of wrapping [...] | Impressum