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      New papers on paleoseismology, tsunami, and active tectonics (Feb 2018)

      Paleoseismicity [2018-02-03 11:27:43]   recommend this post  (64 visits)
      These are the latest papers on paleoseismology, active tectonics, and archaeoseismology, today with a lot of contributions to active tectonics in Asia. Enjoy! Elliott, A. J., Oskin, M. E., Liu-zeng, J., & Shao, Y. X. (2018). Persistent rupture [...]

      The Tithonian In Pictures

      Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2018-02-01 03:01:36]   recommend this post  (59 visits)
            Hello everyone, I was inspired by starman to make blogs with dinosaur replicas, and I thought about how I have around 190 replicas, yet I don’t use them! Anyway, on to the pictures! Here we have Torvosaurus tanneri and Saurophagonax [...]

      Walking With Dinosaurs Remake Idea- Episode One

      Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2018-02-01 03:57:07]   recommend this post  (59 visits)
      I’ve decided to lay down the notes for a potential remake of Walking with Dinosaurs, one of the most beloved dinosaur documentaries of all time. I have an idea for Episode One. Episode I- Dawn of the Future Rulers Setting: Argentina in the [...]

      Blood Moon, Blue Moon And Supermoon

      Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2018-01-31 14:22:22]   recommend this post  (57 visits)
      My phone can’t post a forum post...So I did a blog. The last time this happened it was in 1866 if I remember right. Blood moon, Blue moon and Supermoon, all happening at the same time. I took the photo at about 9 pm, local time.

      Carnotaurus Research Part II: Phylogeny And Locomotion

      Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2018-01-31 03:11:51]   recommend this post  (56 visits)
      Holotype cast of C. sastrei Alright everyone, part II is now here! Phylogeny  Carnotaurus sastrei is one of the most understood Abelisaurids, as the holotype(MACN-CH 894) is well preserved. C. sastrei was in the Carnotaurini clade of the [...]

      Some Astronomical Events Since 2010, In Pictures

      Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2018-02-02 00:45:52]   recommend this post  (56 visits)
      I’m going offtopic here to post (to the suggestion of Vale) pictures of some astronomical events that I’ve seen. Now I’ve seen many astronomical events before, but only in 2012 did I start taking pictures of them (because I had an actual [...]

      Velenovský & Viniklář, 1926. Flora cretacea Bohemiae I [2018-01-30 22:01:00]   recommend this post  (55 visits)
      Josef Velenovský & Ladislav Viniklář, 1926. Flora cretacea Bohemiae: Nové dodatky k české křídové květeně I. Díl. - Neue Beiträge zur böhmischen Kreideflora. I. Teil. Rozpravy Státního geologického ústavu [...]

      Velenovský & Viniklář, 1929. Flora cretacea Bohemiae III [2018-02-02 23:05:55]   recommend this post  (54 visits)
      Josef Velenovský & Ladislav Viniklář, 1929. Flora cretacea Bohemiae: Nové dodatky k české křídové květeně III. Díl. - Neue Beiträge zur böhmischen Kreideflora. III. Teil. Rozpravy Státního geologického ústavu [...]

      Why we care

      Accidental Remediation [2018-02-02 23:55:00]   recommend this post  (52 visits)
      I came across an old article that I'd received ages ago (before blogging was a thing) and I think it's still relevant today as a reminder of why environmental regulations are so critical. The Philly Inquirer did a a great series on the aftermath [...]

      Next week 11th to 17th February 2018

      Geology in the West Country [2018-02-03 13:15:00]   recommend this post  (48 visits)
      NEXT WEEKS EVENTS 5th to 11th February 2018 The following is an extract from Bristol and West Country Geology Calendars More details can be found in the Bristol and the West Country Calendars and on the web sites of the relevant [...] | Impressum