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Geoblogosphere weekly review (13th week of 2019, 4 weeks ago)


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  3. - Bilder (235 visits)
  4. GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union (193 visits)
  5. Ammonoidea (130 visits)
  6. Earthly Musings (107 visits)
  7. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (99 visits)
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      Praeactinocamax sp. - Bilder [2019-03-29 11:51:40]   recommend this post  (235 visits)
      Original zu Wilmsen et al. 2019, Artbestimmung muss offen bleiben; das Exemplar hat jedoch ein relativ schlankes Rostrum, wie bei P. primus üblich - Cenoman, mittleres Cenoman (Mobschatz-Formation) - Ort: ehemaliger Eisenbahntunnel bei [...]

      Hurricane Maria Study Warns: Climate-Driven Storms May Raze Many Tropical Forests

      State of the Planet [2019-03-25 11:00:20]   recommend this post  (136 visits)
      Biodiversity could suffer as result, and more carbon could be added to the

      New Zealand Journey

      Earthly Musings [2019-03-28 08:40:00]   recommend this post  (107 visits)
      I'm traveling in New Zealand with Smithsonian Journeys and a wonderful, small group of ten people. We've toured the North Island and I'll be posting photos in the next few days. Friday, March 29 is a National Day of Mourning for the shooting victims [...]

      Hello, ladies!

      Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week [2019-03-28 09:24:43]   recommend this post  (99 visits)
      To my shock, I find that we seem never to have posted Bob Nicholls’ beautiful sketch Hello, ladies! on SV-POW!. His recent tweet reminded me about this piece, so here it is! Like so many classic sauropod sketches, this was executed during a [...]

      Another Payday

      Ammonoidea [2019-03-28 02:57:00]   recommend this post  (98 visits)
      Meekoceras bylundi Jenks & Brayard 2018Holotype A little late, but... Thank you Jim and

      Deep-Sea Drillers Investigate Shedding of Antarctic Icebergs

      State of the Planet [2019-03-25 14:00:45]   recommend this post  (69 visits)
      Scientists are sailing to remote areas of the Southern Ocean to drill cores from the bottom that they hope will contain clues to past rapid changes in the Antarctic ice, and how it may react to warming climate

      Midwestern Floods, Climate Resiliency, and the Green New Deal

      State of the Planet [2019-03-25 13:20:46]   recommend this post  (69 visits)
      Midwestern floods, Western forest fires, and coastal hurricanes are creating a call for climate resilient infrastructure. The Green New Deal is a way to respond to that

      Marching in London to stop BREXIT

      James’ Empty Blog [2019-03-25 14:26:00]   recommend this post  (65 visits)
      It was both immense and immensely good humoured. Got to the end of the "assembly area" at Marble Arch in London, 0.8mile away from the start at Hyde Park Corner, a bit before 1pm. Joined the throng and inched down the road. Got to the [...]

      Popocatepetl: Verstärkung der Eruption

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2019-03-24 10:41:40]   recommend this post  (63 visits)
      Der mexikanische Vulkan Popocatpetl ist in diesen Tagen besonders aktiv und verstärkte seine täglichen Eruptionen. CENAPRED meldete gestern 354 vulkanische Exhalationen, die ein Gemisch aus Wasserdampf und Vulkanasche förderten. Bei einer [...]

      Molukken-See: Erdbeben Mw 6,1

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2019-03-24 19:03:51]   recommend this post  (60 visits)
      In der indonesischen Molukken-See ereignete sich ein Erdbeben der Magnitude 6,1. Das Hypozentrum befand sich in 51 km Tiefe. Das wurde vom EMSC zwischen den Inseln Sulawesi und Halmahera lokalisiert. Auf Halmahera liegen die aktiven Vulkane [...] | Impressum