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Geoblogosphere weekly review (21th week of 2019, 4 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (14 posts)
  2. Ontario-geofish (9 posts)
  3. Geology in the West Country (5 posts)
  4. Theropoda (4 posts)
  5. State of the Planet (4 posts)
  6. Koprolitos (4 posts)
  7. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog (3 posts)
  8. AGU Meetings (3 posts)
  9. Dogeng Geology (2 posts)
  10. Lusodinos- Dinossauros de Portugal (2 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. Ontario-geofish (793 visits)
  2. Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog (576 visits)
  3. Geology in the West Country (485 visits)
  4. Earth Learning Idea (205 visits)
  5. AGU Meetings (188 visits)
  6. State of the Planet (178 visits)
  7. Koprolitos (134 visits)
  8. Geological Society of London blog (126 visits)
  9. Theropoda (124 visits)
  10. The Landslide Blog (95 visits)


Top keywords:
  1. Vulkanausbrüche: aktuelle Nachrichten und Infos (9)
  2. Erdbeben heute: aktuelle Nachrichten und Fakten (3)
  3. Naturkatastrophen: Nachrichten und Hintergründe (2)
  4. Geophysical Research Letters (2)
  5. Events (2)
  6. Earthquakes (2)
  7. Features (1)
  8. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1)
  9. Billy e il Clonesauro (1)
  10. art (1)
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      The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

      The long weekend

      Ontario-geofish [2019-05-19 13:15:00]   recommend this post  (222 visits)
      Nice fish. Blackflies are

      Ring of Fire

      Geology in the West Country [2019-05-21 15:29:00]   recommend this post  (210 visits)
      Ring of Fire THIS WEB PAGE gives a rather beautiful overview of the dangers posed by the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean.  And gives names to tectonic plates which I have never heard before! The Bird's Head Plate is one of several new [...]

      Mineral or not?

      Earth Learning Idea [2019-05-20 21:00:00]   recommend this post  (205 visits)
      New ELI today is 'Mineral or not? Discussion about what is a mineral and what is not'. This activity is centred around pictures or samples to enable pupils to distinguish between a mineral in the Earth science sense and other ways in which the [...]

      Mike Benton Lecture

      Geology in the West Country [2019-05-21 17:13:00]   recommend this post  (176 visits)
      Festival of Nature - Mike Benton Lecture The Natural History Consortium has contacted me to inform me - and you - that Mike Benton will be giving a lecture at 6:30 on Thursday 6th June at The Station, Silver Street, Bristol, BS1 2AG. Book HERE [...]

      Medical Mycelium 2

      Ontario-geofish [2019-05-25 15:56:00]   recommend this post  (151 visits)
      Phase 2 of the Medical Mycelium Experiment.  This was a kit from Canada given to me by my son.  It's bit more difficult than making your own wine.  MM is used for trauma and for old guys.  I thought, hey I'm an old guy, so I went for it. Phase [...]

      Domino Droughts

      AGU Meetings [2019-05-22 18:40:22]   recommend this post  (138 visits)
      New research finds one drought can amplify or cause another. Decreased moisture recycling and transport impacts how droughts form and move across continents. The post Domino Droughts appeared first on GeoSpace.

      Greenhouse woes

      Ontario-geofish [2019-05-23 22:51:00]   recommend this post  (135 visits)
      So, every other day we get huge windstorms from the east or west.  My greenhouse frame is in the lower position, but still gets whapped.  So far, we haven't had any sun to to make the soil warmer.  All in all, a total waste for anything. This [...]

      Saving NASA

      Ontario-geofish [2019-05-23 19:41:00]   recommend this post  (128 visits)
      Dear nasa,  I consider you the primary mover for ozone and greenhouse gases.  Without you, nobody would have known about these things.  I especially liked what you did to those guys who did an experiment and saw that the reaction rate for ozone [...]

      Carbonate drift

      Seismos [2019-05-24 16:19:00]   recommend this post  (89 visits)

      Gunung Agung und der Lavadom

      Florian Beckers Vulkan-Blog [2019-05-19 11:23:46]   recommend this post  (84 visits)
      In den letzten Tagen erhöhte der Gunug Agung auf Bali seine Eruptionsfrequenz deutlich. Im Vergleich zu früheren Eruptionen steigen die ausgestoßenen Aschewolken fast so hoch auf, wie während der Initialphase der Ausbrüche im Herbst 2017. Das [...] | Impressum