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Tuesday, 05 July 2022

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Linux -- The Pipewire Fiasco 

Ontario-geofish [23:33:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (240 visits) info
 If you want reliable Linux, you stay with the stable version.  If you want adventure then you go with the unstable versions.  I love Linux adventure and have my media machines on the bleeding edge.  My backup machine is on a more stable version.  The rubber hit the road this week when I did a 'full upgrade' on Debian Unstable.  This brought in the new KDE with Pipewire.Pipewire is a a new

Summer Swelter | July 2022 Sky Happenings 

BEYONDbones [19:18:30]  recommend  recommend this post  (120 visits) info
Editor’s Note: HMNS Astronomer James Wooten shines a light on the July 2022 sky happenings. Venus remains in the morning sky this month.  Venus outshines everything except the Sun and the Moon, so you can try to find it low in the east at dawn.  Venus remains a ‘morning star’ for most of 2022. Mars […] The post Summer Swelter | July 2022 Sky Happenings first appeared on

Plight of Ukrainians 

Ontario-geofish [16:31:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (247 visits) info
 We have relations in Ukraine who are trying to get to Canada.  Piece of cake, since the government wants to help us.  blah.  They've created a giant Catch-22 and it is impossible to get the paperwork [...]

More Frequent European Heat Waves Linked to Changes in Jet Stream 

State of the Planet [16:03:08]  recommend  recommend this post  (250 visits) info
A new study shows that weather systems that normally cool part of the continent are being diverted northward. This is combining with overall warming to produce long-lived heat

La Paleontologia è una Scienza speculativa? 

Theropoda [15:20:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (67 visits) info
(c) BBC Pillola del Podcast in cui discuto la domanda: La Paleontologia è una scienza

Monitoring Water Pollution in Keweenaw Bay 

Lake Scientist [14:30:03]  recommend  recommend this post  (9 visits) info
Water pollution is not a niche concern of scientists but is instead a concern for all people, regardless of proximity to water. The post Monitoring Water Pollution in Keweenaw Bay appeared first on Lake [...]

El ajedrez cretácico de Tim Andraka 

Koprolitos [10:30:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (73 visits) info
Tim Andraka es un ilustrador de North Kingstown (Rhode Island, Estados Unidos) que bajo el nombre de Goose Mouth publica divertidas ilustraciones de corte surrealista y onírico, generalmente protagonizadas [...]

Unforced Variations: July 2022 

Real Climate [00:40:06]  recommend  recommend this post  (98 visits) info
This month’s open thread. Please keep to climate-related issues, stay substantive, no abuse, no repetition, one-comment per day. The post Unforced Variations: July 2022 first appeared on RealClimate.

Inflammation is what kills you 

Ontario-geofish [16:20:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (231 visits) info
 ReferenceThis is an important result and is what I always suspected.  I've written tons of stuff on inflammation.  Ever wonder why drinking diet coke doesn't help with the fat?  It's because the smell of [...]


ARCHEA [15:43:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (228 visits) info
Our province is known as Supernatural BC — and for good reason. British Columbia on Canada's far western shores boasts a rich and diverse geography. We are home to some of the most impressive fauna and [...]

A good hack for the deck problem 

Ontario-geofish [14:52:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (72 visits) info
 ReferenceThis is another example of having no physics in the world.  These stain companies are all chemistry, and formulate according to weather in Texas.  We have great sun resistance, but no [...]

Pivoting on Greenhouse Gas Regulation 

State of the Planet [14:05:14]  recommend  recommend this post  (186 visits) info
Action will now need to focus on state and local governments along with powerful corporations and institutions to continue forward motion in the transition to environmental

De vuelta de la 19th Annual Conference de la EAVP en Benevento (Italia) 

Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) [10:29:00]  recommend  recommend this post  (70 visits) info
Esta pasada semana, entre los días 27 de junio y 2 de julio, algunos investigadores del Grupo de Biología Evolutiva de la UNED participamos, presencial y virtualmente, en la decimonovena edición del [...] | Impressum