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Hoodoo Art

My delight in Earth art is inexhaustible, because artists are among the few people besides geologists who cast a reliably fresh eye at the landscape, at rocks and at other ambient things. A new page in my gallery of Earth art shows this artist trading card (ATC), part of a pair titled "Hoodoos."

Hoodoos are an eruption of human feeling in the cold, rugged geological lexicon. I say that because the definition of a hoodoo in the big AGI Glossary of Geology is "a fantastic column, pinnacle, or pillar of rock . . . occurring in varied and often eccentric or grotesque forms." That definition always makes me imagine a pair of geologists, out in the desert heat, consulting each other:
"Would you say this is 'fantastic,' or just 'protuberant,' Professor Smith?"
"Well it feels more 'fantastic' than 'striking,' Professor Jones."
"Let's call it a day and find ourselves a beer."
"I concur."
ATC by Theo Jones, image courtesy Fleur Helsingor | Impressum