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Sinkhole Beneath National Corvette Museum Devours 8 Cars

A 40 foot diameter sinkhole 30 feet deep opened up beneath the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and swallowed 8 of the Corvettes on display. The museum's security company alerted the staff members that the motion sensors had gone off at about 5:40 am on February 12 in the 'SkyDome' portion of the museum, separate from the main building. The museum called in a structural engineer and some Karst sinkhole experts who used a remote controlled helicopter to get photos and video inside the sinkhole. See those videos below. The main museum will be open as usual tomorrow, but the SkyDome will be closed indefinitely. [Source: Image: National Corvette Museum via]

Videos of Corvette Munching Sinkhole | Impressum