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Lal the chicken-eating cow

People often send me links to stories of the Indian cow that took to eating baby chickens. The story isn't at all new: it appeared in the press in March 2007, and at least one of the cow's lapses into carnivory was filmed. It's shown here (though see below). As with the epic cat fight, do NOT watch this video if you are easily disturbed or upset by scenes of animal death and suffering. I will spoil the surprise by telling you that the cute little baby chicken gets eaten alive by the big nasty cow.

The cow concerned - named Lal - lives in Chandpur, West Bengal (though: the cow in this video might not be Lal, but another one. I really don't know. Another video, showing a far whiter, adult Indian cow - is this Lal? - is here). Lots of chickens were going missing and, naturally, it was assumed that roving dogs were to blame. Lal's owners were thus a little surprised to see the cow sneak up to the chicken coop and to then grab and eat some of the chicks.

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