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New from Snet: Lithologs, a new tool to create lithological/sedimentological logs online..

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Weekend CUP for December 12, 2011

GEI's Foundation Design for Yawkey Center for Cancer Care Recognized as a DFI Outstanding Project - Source: GEI Consultants via CE News Sandvik jumbos progress Olympic tunnel - Source: World Tunnelling Wyoming town has a history of mine subsidence - Source: via 2012 Federal Transportation Bill Enacted - Source: Transportation Issues Daily via AASHTO Engineering work to begin on Gateway train tunnel under Hudson River, Congress approves $15M for project - Source: Sandhog Michael O'Brien Killed in East Side Access Tunnel Project - Source: via ASCE SmartBrief Light rail tunneling machine about to break through - Source: via ASCE SmartBrief Collapse of the San Pedro landslide - Source: The Landslide Blog Tunnel Detection Technology at Mexico Border: Worth the Effort? - Source: Scientists simulate Moon and Mars exploration in Mojave desert - Source: to defend listing of levee breach sites to National Register - Source: via Association of State Dam Safety Officials China builds world's largest seismic network for reservoirs - Source: Xinhua via Association of State Dam Safety Officials Los Angeles coast road landslide unlikely to be repaired - Source: The Washington Post Ancient landslide blocked California river - Source: Slip-sliding away is San Pedro heritage - Source: The Daily Breeze Property owners seek answers about sinkhole damage - Source: Germans back new $5.5B underground train station - Source: R&D Mag | Impressum