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Goldentusk - Jurassic Park Theme

Bajo el nombre de Goldentusk se esconde el actor y humorista Andrew Goldenberg, californiano de treinta años que se dedica a parodiar bandas sonoras de películas famosas. En este caso le traemos por aquí debido a que en mayo del año pasado le dio por hacer su particular versión del tema central de la película "Jurassic Park", la archiconocida película de dinosaurios dirigida por Steven Spielberg. La verdad es que el tipo le echa mucho tiempo y muchas ganas, aunque a mi, personalmente, se me hace un poco larga...

Aquí dejo la letra:

This hideaway..
So far away..
Life found a ... way out....
Stay out..
Unless you are
With me then...

Do you know
that this place really is here
what you'll be
standing face to face with here

Here, here we are
On the isle of nublar
You can see as we disembark
This is not your average park
No sir
I’m so proud
What a crowd
No flash photographs allowed
Fasten seatbelts while on the ride
Keep your arms and legs inside

And please don't forget
It's not finished yet
But we won't miss the mark
Sure there might be flaws
But that's all because
It's the first of its kind
You're the first ones in line
For juraaaa…ssic …park!
This park has dinosaurs
They're living breathing dinosaurs
You've never touched a dinosaur
This park's a zoo for dinosaurs

On display
You'll want to extend your stay
You should know I've spared no expense
Except maybe common sense
Dinosaurs have been gone 65 million years
and now thanks to me have returned
I don't know why you're all concerned
if it goes wrong well lesson learned

Every young boy's dream
you can hear them scream
joyous screams of delight
and the crowd will roar
for a dinosaur
history gets a rewrite

Though his bite
just might
be worse than his bark
It’s alright
it's jura...
wait and see
just like me
you know this will change your life and you won't be the same again

I can see that you're not quite sold yet
I can sense that you're filled with doubt (looks at Ian)
You might fear there's a non-controlled threat
You're afraid that they might.... break out
Our defense
We‘ve a huge electric fence
Just 10,000 volts
When it's on
Please don't touch it when it's on

Safe! Say it's safe!
Of course!
You’ll endorse
Thumbs up!
Jurassic park
What could possibly go wrong?
Humans and dinosaurs
Tell me why we can't all get along

Jurassic park
It's the new old stomping ground
I don't just pay our workers compost
I have gleefully found...
We think it's a girl T-rex
some frogs switch their gender
we constantly check their sex
but that would offend her
who wants to offend her

The staff is on the mainland
they ran out the door fast
this could have been better planned
if we checked the forecast
but it doesn't matter anyway
everything has been secured and it's an average work day
and it's just your average tour

Jurassic Park, what could possibly go wrong (it's not king kong)
Without a dose of lysine
these lizards don't seem very strong
Jurassic Park..has a glitch or two or three....hundred
they weren't problems we could foresee

Even Disneyland opened up and did not go as planned
and did not go as planned
so I know how you feel
I know this is frightening
you're scared
you think we don't know that we're unprepared

Jurassic Park..
what could possibly go wrong?
cuz im pretty sure
we add more insult than injury

Please endorse the park
you must
you must
tell everybody
i know you want to
you know i want you
to go and tell my factors that there is nothing wrong with my life's dream

Sign off on the park please X 4


Jurassic park what could possibly go wrong?
I can't control
your role
in the....
death toll!!!
you're either with me
with me!!!
or else you are against me
(ROAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!) | Impressum