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Very Large 7.7 Mag Quake Reported Off Of Canada

A magnitude 7.7 Earthquake has struck off of Canada's West Coast near Graham Island. The depth was a shallow 9km deep, along the Pacific subduction zone. It is unclear if there was any damage or if a tsunami has been generated. The quake occurred at 8PM which is only a few minutes after I am writing this. Below is a screenshot of the epicenter location.

Google Earth/USGS snapshot of location of 7.7 mag quake.
Aside from the linked article above, this quake is so fresh that nobody yet knows the implications. I will update this article as more info becomes available. .
Image from detailing the shake strength of the quake.
UPDATE: According to WFAA a tsunami alert was issued from Vancouver Island, British Columbia to Cape Decision, Alaska. Residents are urged to move to higher ground. This is likely a precaution but if you are in the area please do not hesitate to seek higher ground.

A mag 5.8 afterschock occurred a few miles SW of the epicenter. | Impressum