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Geoblogosphere weekly review (8th week of 2012, 642 weeks ago)


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  2. State of the Planet (16 posts)
  3. Tierra de Dinosaurios (14 posts)
  4. I think mining (10 posts)
  5. Geology News (9 posts)
  6. Volcano Science And News Blog (8 posts)
  7. James’ Empty Blog (7 posts)
  8. Ontario-geofish (7 posts)
  9. Geopark Araripe (7 posts)
  10. Mountain Beltway (7 posts)
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  1. News (841 visits)
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  3. Volcano Science And News Blog (766 visits)
  4. Through the Sandglass (664 visits)
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  5. Arizona (9)
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  7. Fonte (7)
  8. Canada (5)
  9. East Coast (5)
  10. Turkey (5)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Jurassic (6)
  2. Quaternary (5)
  3. Neogene (5)
  4. Carboniferous (4)
  5. Ordovician (4)
  6. Devonian (3)
  7. Cretaceous (3)
  8. Paleogene (3)
  9. Cambrian (2)
  10. Triassic (2)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts:

ASTM Updates for January, 2012 [2012-02-14 07:50:17]   recommend this post  (375 visits)
New and revised ASTM standards in the geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and related industries for January, 2012. Click through for the

Sunday silliness: the pyramids of Java

Through the Sandglass [2012-02-18 21:16:00]   recommend this post  (373 visits)
Geometrically, geomechanically, and geomorphologically, the pyramid is a natural shape that reflects a stable response in the constant conflict between landscape construction and erosion. The stability of this shape has been exploited by humans for [...]

A Guide to Upcoming Scientific Fieldwork

State of the Planet [2012-02-14 16:42:38]   recommend this post  (319 visits)
Journalists may join Earth Institute research field expeditions, which take place on every continent and every ocean. Below: selected projects, in rough chronological order. (Work in and around New York listed separately at bottom.) While in the [...]

Critters versus Sand, Round 2: awesome Androctonus

Through the Sandglass [2012-02-14 12:27:04]   recommend this post  (291 visits)
This time, imagine that you're a scorpion, a fattail scorpion to be precise (sorry, but I never said anything about this role-playing being about cuddly and loveable, handsome or cute, but it’s often critters from the less celebrated realms

New Earthquake Swarm in Katla Volcano

Volcano Science And News Blog [2012-02-15 23:21:00]   1 recommendations  (262 visits)
Katla volcano in Iceland had a swarm of quakes within the caldera region today, with the largest magnitude hovering around 2.5. Quake swarms have been a common occurrence in the volcano since its small, but damaging eruption in 2011 where a glacial [...]

How many volcanoes are there in the United States??

Volcano World [2012-02-13 02:31:44]   recommend this post  (244 visits)
Good question!  (I’m looking at you Mr. Jindal…) Here’s a list compiled a few years back from Volcanoes of North America: United States and Canada, by Wood and Kienle.  They list all volcanoes that are younger that 5 million years [...]

Asse - Nur so am Rande...

Mente et Malleo [2012-02-13 22:11:47]   recommend this post  (241 visits)
Wie die rund 126 000 Fässer mit radioaktivem Müll aus der Asse wieder herausgeholt werden sollen, wissen wohl selbst die Stollentrolle noch nicht so genau. Man könnte sicher aus geologischer Sicht ellenlange Debatten über den [...]

Japan's Mt Fuji May Be Preparing To Erupt

Volcano Science And News Blog [2012-02-18 20:11:00]   recommend this post  (239 visits) is reporting that Japan's Mount Fuji (Fujiyama) volcano is showing signs that it is getting ready to erupt. While translating Japanese to English using Google translate leaves much to be desired in terms of readability, [...]


ARCHEA [2012-02-12 00:20:00]   recommend this post  (227 visits)
We soak up the breathtaking views after a long morning's paddle. The east and south sides of our route are bound by the imposing white peaks of the Cariboo Mountains, the northern boundary of the Interior wet belt, rising up across the Rocky [...]

Loner Scientist

GeoSelim [2012-02-12 09:06:20]   recommend this post  (224 visits)
A loner is a person who avoids or does not actively seek human interaction or prefers to be alone, (wikipedia). What if the loner become a scientist? I think understanding loner scientists reaction with live and their communications to people [...] | Impressum