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New from Snet: Lithologs, a new tool to create lithological/sedimentological logs online..

Geoblogosphere weekly review (8th week of 2014, 401 weeks ago)


Most active blogs:
  1. News (24 posts)
  2. Palaeoblog (11 posts)
  3. State of the Planet (10 posts)
  4. JOIDES Resolution blogs (8 posts)
  5. Utah Geological Survey - blog (8 posts)
  6. Ontario-geofish (6 posts)
  7. Dinosaurios (el cuaderno de Godzillín) (6 posts)
  8. Dogeng Geology (5 posts)
  9. Mountain Beltway (5 posts)
  10. Koprolitos (5 posts)
Most visited blogs:
  1. (2406 visits)
  2. News (891 visits)
  3. Palaeoblog (422 visits)
  4. State of the Planet (394 visits)
  5. The Landslide Blog (394 visits)
  6. Paleoseismicity (388 visits)
  7. The GeoChristian (367 visits)
  8. JOIDES Resolution blogs (348 visits)
  9. Utah Geological Survey - blog (319 visits)
  10. Dinosaur Home - Blogs (311 visits)


Top keywords:
  1. time (12)
  2. people (10)
  3. geology (7)
  4. water (6)
  5. science (6)
  6. evidence (5)
  7. Lake Scientist (5)
  8. article (5)
  9. interesting article (5)
  10. eruption (5)
Top places:
  1. United States (11)
  2. United Kingdom (5)
  3. Utah (4)
  4. Bristol (3)
  5. Washington (3)
  6. Oklahoma (3)
  7. California (3)
  8. Oregon (3)
  9. Massachusetts (3)
  10. Russia (3)
Top stratigraphy:
  1. Devonian (8)
  2. Carboniferous (4)
  3. Silurian (3)
  4. Jurassic (3)
  5. Neogene (2)
  6. Paleogene (1)
  7. Permian (1)
  8. Cambrian (1)
  9. Paleozoic (1)
  10. Cretaceous (1)


The 10 most frequently clicked posts: Celebrates 7th Anniversary! [2014-02-20 15:30:12]   recommend this post  (2323 visits)
7 years ago today, I wrote my first post for! It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for that long. I am grateful for all of the visitors, twitter followers, supporters, and of course sponsors that have made it possible [...]

Über die in "Naturgeschichte der Versteinerungen..." (Walch, 1768-1773) abgebildete Fossilien [2014-02-16 11:53:47]   recommend this post  (291 visits)
Das Werk von Johann Ernst Immanuel Walch, Die Naturgeschichte der Versteinerungen zur Erläuterung der Knorrischen Sammlung von Merkwürdigkeiten der Natur erschien zwischen 1768 und 1773 in 4 Bänden. Die von Georg Wolfgang Knorr erstellten [...]

Friday Rocks 1

Up-section [2014-02-21 17:26:00]   recommend this post  (262 visits)
Lately I've been posting some photos from my research trips to Instagram and I thought why not repost them here in better quality. Every Friday I'll post a new photo of a rock landscape with some description and light interpretation. Enough talk, [...]

The camel that broke the Bible’s back?

The GeoChristian [2014-02-17 06:11:47]   recommend this post  (231 visits)
Here’s another “science proves the Bible wrong” story that has been in the news lately, in which science does not prove the Bible wrong. In this case, it has to do with archeology and the domestication of the camel. The first [...]

Some photos from EEEs of the Cephalonia M6.0 earthquake

Paleoseismicity [2014-02-16 14:43:27]   recommend this post  (226 visits)
On 26 January and 3 February, two strong and shallow earthquakes of magnitude 6+ occured at the island of Kefalonia/Cephalonia in Western Greece. The events caused intense damage to buildings and infrastructure. A team of EERI (Earthquake [...]

Spinosauras Vs T. Rex

Dinosaur Home - Blogs [2014-02-17 13:57:15]   recommend this post  (216 visits)
Tyrannosaurus Advantages 1. A bite force which would crush any part of the body it happens to bite onto. It’s bite force was much stronger than as Spinosaurus’ bite force. 2. It was the most muscular meat eating dinosaur. It had more [...]

Are geologists different?

Geological Society of London blog [2014-02-17 12:59:04]   recommend this post  (208 visits)
We’re a little unclear as to the origin of this clipping (can anyone help?) Whilst of course not condoning the somewhat outdated gender stereotyping, and without wishing to malign engineers (our very own President is one, after all), we [...]

Pleurodictyum styloporum coral from the Mahantango formation

Views of the Mahantango [2014-02-22 09:01:00]   recommend this post  (207 visits)
I've blogged about Pleurodictyum fossils from the Mahantango Formation before, in this post, but this specimen that I recently found is kind of neat. It's a pair of Pleuordictyum styloporum colonies where there is some detail preserved of the [...]

Coming Next: Pompeii – a Geological Movie-Review

History of Geology [2014-02-16 18:27:27]   recommend this post  (206 visits)
A new disaster movie, retelling the fate of the ancient town of Pompeii, will be released soon. The filmmakers spent six years researching the volcanic disaster that destroyed the town to make it as historically accurate as possible – but what [...]

Traces of glacial ice and water

Metageologist [2014-02-16 13:04:29]   recommend this post  (188 visits)
There’s an immediacy to the study of the Quaternary (the last few million years) that is rather seductive. Most geology is (after John McPhee) studying ‘the former world’ but the Quaternary is close enough in time that it is still [...] | Impressum