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      PhD position at Northumbria University, UK: Holocene palaeoseismicity and sea-level change in Chile

      Paleoseismicity [2017-01-09 10:28:20]   recommend this post  (230 visits)
      The following interesting PhD position is currently available at Northumbria University: A competitive fully-funded PhD project is currently being advertised on Holocene palaeoseismicity and sea-level change in Chile at Northumbria University, UK in [...]

      Extended abstract deadline for EGU 2017 [2017-01-11 13:32:45]   recommend this post  (223 visits)
      Dear all, due to technical difficulties, the abstract deadline for the EGU 2017 has been extended until tomorrow, Jan. 12th at 1 pm Central European Time.

      Liveblogging the Deluge: Following Up on the Dry Creek Flood

      Geotripper [2017-01-13 02:04:00]   recommend this post  (223 visits)
      Dry Creek in Modesto flooded to the greatest extent in two decades yesterday, with peak flows exceeding 6,000 cubic feet per second. I was out documenting the flood surge, and I managed to get to the Dry Creek Trailhead ahead of the high water [...]

      GeoTalk: Beatriz Gaite on why videos are a great tool for communicating your research to a broad audience

      GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union [2017-01-13 13:00:51]   recommend this post  (220 visits)
      If you’ve not heard about our Communicate Your Science Video Competition before it gives early career scientists the chance to produce a video up-to-three-minutes long to share their research with the general public. The winning entry receives a [...]

      Active faulting session at EGU 2017: abstract deadline approaching

      Paleoseismicity [2017-01-09 17:52:39]   recommend this post  (213 visits)
      As every year just after the holidays, the abstract deadline for the EGU General Assembly in Vienna (April 23-28, 2017)  is approaching.  This year, it is on Wednesday, 11 January 2016, 13:00 Central European Time. If you are still searching for [...]

      The World is Freezing

      Ontario-geofish [2017-01-12 13:13:00]   recommend this post  (211 visits)
      El Nino has gone and blown the Earth's heat bank account.  We are into a decade of freezing.  Good thing oil is cheap for now, until the Oklahoma big earthquakes. The Three Little Pigs Once there were 3 pigs.  The first one was a silly [...]

      Liveblogging the Deluge: "Dry" Creek Takes Center Stage Today

      Geotripper [2017-01-12 08:57:00]   recommend this post  (210 visits)
      Dry Creek in December of 2016 before the current storms  What happens when a small insubstantial creek that is dry for much of the year... ...gets hit with a flash flood amounting to 6,100 cubic feet per second? Let's find out! Dry Creek at [...]

      Liveblogging the Deluge: Perspectives on the Biggest Flood in a Decade, Part One

      Geotripper [2017-01-08 06:58:00]   recommend this post  (206 visits)
      See updates at end of post... BTW, if you are on the scene in places like Yosemite Valley, please send photos or updates! I will gladly post them here. Printable PDF of current conditions can be found at this link  It's clear by now that I am [...]

      Liveblogging the Deluge: Perspectives on the Biggest Flood in a Decade, Part Two

      Geotripper [2017-01-09 01:05:00]   recommend this post  (201 visits)
      Check back for updates at the end of this blog... First off, let me emphasize that I am writing almost exclusively about the central Sierra Nevada and adjacent Great Valley, particularly the drainage of the Merced, Tuolumne, and Stanislaus Rivers. [...]

      OpenTopography: 2016 in Review Infographic

      OpenTopography Blog [2017-01-09 03:20:37]   recommend this post  (194 visits)
      OpenTopography had a great year in 2016, with continued strong growth in number of users and jobs run to access and process data. We've also continued to add data and successfully renewed OpenTopography funding from the US National Science [...] | Impressum