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  6. GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union (220 visits)
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  9. State of the Planet (153 visits)
  10. Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal (152 visits)


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      Int’l Palaeoseismological Field Workshop ‘Soft-sediment deformation structures & palaeoseismic phenomena in the SE Baltic Region’ – 2nd announcement out now [2018-02-12 08:58:22]   recommend this post  (183 visits)
      The 2nd announcement for the International Palaeoseismological Field Workshop ‘Soft-sediment deformation structures and palaeoseismic phenomena in the South-eastern Baltic Region’ is out now. Download the PDF here and check this website for more [...]

      Time and Again, by Jack Finney

      Mountain Beltway [2018-02-12 13:29:33]   recommend this post  (158 visits)
      In the epilogue to 11/22/63, Stephen King’s time-travel novel, he made an explicit point to laud Time and Again by Jack Finney as “the” time travel novel. I figured I should check it out. Here’s my report. This is a book that was written in [...]

      Earthquake and Extreme Cold Hits the Olympics

      Ontario-geofish [2018-02-11 13:07:00]   recommend this post  (154 visits)
      They have nothing to do with each other, but I did have a look-see. They had a small, shallow thrust, about M5, intensity 7.  There is a lot of tectonic action all around, but Korea is considered to be solid.  They are under compression from [...]

      The BBC’s New 14 day Weather Forecasts Are Bollocks

      Dan\'s Wild Wild Science Journal [2018-02-12 23:01:10]   recommend this post  (152 visits)
      I have no problem with the BBC dropping the UK Met office for their forecasting and going with a private company. and their new on-air weather graphics are actually quite good. HOWEVER Their new 14-day deterministic weathercasts are (in terms the [...]

      Ontario Conservative Party Still Weird on the Voting

      Ontario-geofish [2018-02-11 19:54:00]   recommend this post  (151 visits)
      In order to vote, members will be required to do the following: Members will receive a unique verification number in the mail. At this time members will be directed online to provide their unique verification number and verify their membership [...]

      Blame Canada

      Ontario-geofish [2018-02-11 16:05:00]   recommend this post  (150 visits)
      I was about to say you can't blame Canada for all the cold weather, but I looked at this, and thought "Yes you can."  Soon, in July, we'll be sending you sweet puffs of the God's Own Smoke.  Then you'll stop blaming us.  :) [...]

      Saltwater intrusion: causes, impacts and mitigation

      Geology for Global Development [2018-02-12 19:48:30]   recommend this post  (150 visits)
      In many countries, access to clean and safe to drink water is often taken for granted: the simple act of turning a tap gives us access to a precious resource. In today's post,Bárbara Zambelli Azevedo, discusses how over population of coastal areas [...]

      Poncho Pilates (Charlie Charmer) (I)

      Koprolitos [2018-02-13 14:23:00]   recommend this post  (146 visits)
      Blob, blob. El aguacero era historia. Las gotas que se habían remoloneado en las copas de los frenolopsis y weichselias de la orilla se deslizaban ahora por las ramas más bajas, hidratándolas con su esencia vivificante antes de saltar a la [...]

      Last chance to enter the EGU Photo Contest 2018!

      GeoLog-The official blog of the European Geosciences Union [2018-02-13 12:30:35]   recommend this post  (142 visits)
      If you are pre-registered for the 2018 General Assembly (Vienna, 8 -13 April), you can take part in our annual photo competition! Winners receive a free registration to next year’s General Assembly! But hurry, there are only a few days left to [...]

      Tiny subduction earthquake hits Mexico

      Ontario-geofish [2018-02-17 02:05:00]   recommend this post  (128 visits)
      Please remember that an M7.2 is nothing along this gigantic subduction zone.  This is my numero uno zone for a huge M9.  It's so smooth and shiny!  :)  If that happens, all the buildings in Mexico will jump into the air. This is way above all [...] | Impressum